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I am thoroughly interested by the way the mind works. It is my desire that by engaging with the resources below, and across the Organize 365® website, you too will understand how the ADHD mind can learn to be organized.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in October of 2022. I understand the anguish and shame that you may experience if disorganization is overwhelming your life. I am also a wife, a mom, and a professional organizer. Which means that I have successfully parented, taught, and professionally organized those with ADHD – including myself!

That is why I am so thankful that you are here. You are ready to take action and increase your executive functions, and I am honored to be your guide.

ADHD Bundle

Can I Use My HSA, FSA, Or HRA To Expense The ADHD Bundle?

The Organize 365 products support the executive functions which can be impaired in ADHD, specifically, the executive functions for working memory, planning & organizing, task monitoring, organization of materials, and task initiation. Your healthcare provider will need to substantiate that this intervention will be of benefit for a person’s ADHD diagnosis in order to use their HSA/FSA/HRA monies.

Not all HSA/FSA/HRA providers will allow this type of reimbursement, but many do.

INCLUDES:  The Sunday Basket Home Planning Day, The Paper Solution®, The Complete Sunday Basket® and How ADHD Affects Home Organization Book.

How ADHD Affects Home Organization - Podcast

How ADHD Affects Home Organization - Book

If you have ADHD and you’ve been struggling with organization, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

Do any of these organizing challenges feel familiar to you?

Do you walk in a room to organize and find yourself paralyzed and overwhelmed?

Do you find yourself spending money on organizing solutions that don’t work?

Do you feel like you put in effort but never make any progress?

Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do, and yet for some reason, you just can’t get started.


Research Magazine

The Warrior MAMA Binder

Are you facing a new diagnosis of a disability for your child? Are you overwhelmed trying to keep the paperwork organized to manage your child’s medical needs, school based accommodations, and education progress? The Warrior Mama Binder designed by Lisa Woodruff provides you with the skills and supplies you need to get and stay organized. Lisa is the mother of two special needs children who have been in a variety of learning settings (including homeschool) and she has written down her advice and guidance for getting your child organized.

The Paper Solution® Warrior MAMA Binder is the way to keep your child’s disability and IEP/504 paperwork organized. 

ADHD Interviews with lisa

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