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558 – Organize 365 Team Unexpected Events – Tanya

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
558 - Organize 365 Team Unexpected Events - Tanya

Our Organize 365® Dream Team has experienced way more than its fair share of unexpected events this year. Like…A LOT. Nearly every single one of them has dealt with or is dealing with really big life events. I asked a few of them who were willing to share about those unexpected events and how they navigated them.

Today’s episode with Tanya talks about how she stepped up to the challenge of traveling to the Homeschool Convention and Paper Organizing Retreat in Greenville, SC without hesitation. During this recording, I found out about some other things that took place in her personal life right around this time – I had no idea!

Tanya made the move to Florida in January 2023 to combine households with her in-laws. We discussed this multigenerational living in a previous episode (check that out here). The timing of this move was incredible, because by the time they were all settling in and her mother-in-law started visiting new doctors and establishing relationships with them, they discovered that she needed to have a heart catheter and surgeries quickly followed.

Let’s rewind back to March for a second – we decided not to do the booth at the convention, but we still had to make sure the Paper Organizing Retreat went off without a hitch. Tanya was all in, but then something happened right before she was scheduled to fly to South Carolina. On Tuesday night of that week, her son fell during football practice and hurt his arm. The next day they decided to take him to the ER because he was still in pain. Tanya felt guilty she wasn’t the one to take him, but her husband was able to since his schedule was more flexible. Turns out he had a broken arm! Tanya reluctantly flew out the next day to join me in Greenville, but knew her son was fine and would be taken care of.

As an owner and manager, I find it important to spend as much time as possible in person with my remote staff to problem solve. This worked out great for Tanya and I on this trip. We spent as much time together as we could to discuss how we were going to handle our company finances, move our website, and which of our existing programs were going to work on WordPress without breaking!

During the rapid changes with her work role, she was still dealing with the medical situation with her mother-in-law at home. Her in-laws helped a lot with the kids, so logistics changed for a while with school drop offs and pickups. They had no other family in the area, and hadn’t made any new friends yet since moving to Florida. Her husband had also just started a new job about a month before, but thankfully his schedule was flexible. Tanya and her husband were doing what was most necessary to keep their heads above water and focusing on the day-to-day essential tasks. She knew she could leave the rest because when she was ready, it would still be there to deal with.

I asked what would’ve helped at the time if anyone could have or would have offered – and she said three things: food, a clean house, and childcare. She also brought up pet care, because her in-laws have a cat. Sometimes you forget how much work pets can be; they definitely are an added chore on top of all the other things!

So if you’ve been paying attention and wondering why all the sudden the Paper Organizing Retreats are only being hosted in Cincinnati at our headquarters – now you get it! If you aren’t able to come to Cincinnati, please visit our Certified Organizer Directory on the website to find a virtual or in person retreat near you!

Next week we’ll hear about Virginia’s unexpected event. Stay tuned for series episode #5!


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