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104 – Clothing Organization For Girls | Organize 365

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
104 - Clothing Organization For Girls | Organize 365

Clothing Organization For Girls: This is the second in a 5-part series for girls 7-17.

Learning the skills of organizing your bedroom is so much more important than just making your mom happy.

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I want you to think of your bedroom like it is your apartment. It is your very own space inside your parent’s home. You don’t need to worry about paying rent or utilities, but it is yours to take care of and organize.

Each post in this series will also have a podcast. You can listen to the podcast right here in this post or download it to your phone or iTouch. In the podcast, I can share SO much more with you than what you read here so you will definitely want to listen.

Today is all about getting your clothing organized.

There are 5 types of clothes in your room:

  1. Clothing that is too BIG {hand-me-downs}.
  2. Clothing that is too SMALL.
  3. Clothes you don’t like and would never wear.
  4. Dressy clothes and uniforms.

By categorizing your clothing into these types, you can more easily make decisions on what to keep and where to store your clothes.

So let’s dive right in…

  1. Clothing that is too BIG {hand-me-downs}.

Maybe your mom gets hand-me-downs from a family member, friend, or your older siblings. Getting hand-me-downs is fun and a great way to save money. BUT they should NOT be IN your closet or dresser until they fit.

So, here are some options…

  1. Go through the hand-me-downs and get rid of any clothes that are not your style. Just keep the clothes you are excited to wear when they fit you.
  2. Keep the clothing that does not fit yet in a plastic bin at the top of your closet or put them in a bin under your bed.
  3. Go through the bins at least 3-4x a year to add them to your closet when they do fit. I go through my kid’s clothes in April, August, October, and January.
  4. Clothing that is too SMALL.

It is a bummer when your favorite clothes get too small, but keeping them in your closet is only going to frustrate you…

  1. Go through your clothes and take out clothes that are too small.
  2. Donate as many as you can or give them to smaller family members.
  3. Keep a box of memory shirts and items to be made into a quilt or to just look at once in a while.
  4. Clothes you don’t like and would never wear.

Here’s the tricky one. Everyone has their own style. And the older you get, the more you will develop your own clothing likes and dislikes. Sometimes, we don’t have a choice. Other times, we do.

Here’s the deal. If you have a bunch of clothes in your closet and you don’t like any of them, over time you are going to have to work to communicate to your mom what you DO like as you grow. Unfortunately, we can’t just get rid of it all and start over.

Go ahead and make a pile of clothes you don’t like. Then really think about WHY. Are they too tight? Too hot? Too itchy? Wrong color? What is it that makes you feel not your best when you wear them? THEN ask your mom to come in and tell her WHY you don’t like these clothes. AND tell her what you LOVE about your favorites.

In the podcast, I share how I did this with my kids and how we used consignment shops {like garage sales in a store} to try different styles and buy clothes at a cheaper price.

Locally, we go to a store called Platos Closet. Once you know what styles and brands you like, you can shop online at Thread Up. If you use this link to go to Thread Up, you will get $10 off your order and I will get $10, too. Thanks!

  1. Dressy clothes and uniforms.

Some families are more formal than others. You likely will HAVE to keep dressy clothes.

In our house, we do not “save” good clothes unless they are bought for a wedding. Once the wedding is over, have at it. Wear it to the park, school… I don’t care. Clothes are to be worn. I am perfectly happy with a dress being ruined in play instead of waiting in the closet for the next “event” {at which time the dress usually doesn’t fit}. BUT you have to follow your mom’s rules on this one! For most families, 2-5 dressy outfits are plenty.


Do you want to know how to find your favorite clothes? Go look in the dirty laundry. 🙂 See, I told you!

It takes women most of their lifetime to learn what clothes are their favorites and JUST buy those. If you can figure that out now, you will save yourself a LOT of time, money, and overstuffed closets!

Clothing Checklist


Here is a checklist you can use to make sure you have the basics covered.


Now, let’s talk about closets.


You really don’t need a big closet. Especially after you go through and eliminate the clothes that are too big, too small, and not your style. Both my kids have standard closets. Once you have your clothing under control, you can start to think about changing the way your closet looks.

My kid’s closets looked like this for the first 10 years of their lives.


I wanted to create more of a walk-in type closet in their regular small closets. So I took out all the shelving and installed closet rods and shelves on each side of the closet. On one side our daughter hangs clothes top and bottom.


On the other side, I put 3 shelves. These shelves are really far apart, leaving plenty of room for tall and awkwardly shaped toys.

Middle shelf

Middle Shelf

Top shelf

Top Shelf

I love having her belts and long necklaces hung up and off the floor.


I love that all her cami’s can be hung on one hanger. Here is the hanger I bought.


This hanger worked for a while, but command hooks worked even better.


Here is my son’s closet now.


Here are a few more clothing tips:

#1 HANG all your shirts. I started doing this a few years ago and it has made a world of difference! Then the shirts don’t need ironing and are wrinkle free… and they are easier for you to see and hang up. Since our closets are pared down, we can hang up all our shirts.


#2 Put your clothes away CORRECTLY… AND right away! Here’s the thing. As you pare down your life, it is easier to keep each area maintained. Organize the clothes to be put away in the laundry room before they come into the bedroom.


First, I create 2 piles, one for pants and one for skirts.


Then, I add a tray from the Dollar Store for pj’s. Usually, there is a second clear bin with undies and socks.


Next, I layer on the cami’s that get hung on the Command Hooks on the back of the closet door.


And, finally, the hung clothes are laid on top.

Using this method, I’m seeing a 75% success rate with all clothes getting hung up and with NO arguing. 🙂 It’s a little bit more work for me, but I love that the kids are feeling more successful and are able to complete their chores.

#3 Keep your clothing sizes in your phone. That way when you are out and about, you know what sizes to start trying on or you can shop online.

OK, go get your clothes organized!

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