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105 – Bedroom Study & Work Space For Girls

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
105 - Bedroom Study & Work Space For Girls

Bedroom Study & Work Space For Girls. This is the third in a 5-part series for girls 7-17. Listen to the other episodes here:

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Each post in this series will also have a podcast. You can listen to the podcast right here in this post or download it to your phone or iTouch. In the podcast, I can share SO much more with you than what you read here so you will want to listen.

Week 3: Where to put your school and work stuff.

Your “school” work is similar to your parents’ “work” work. You need to have a space just for your backpack and purse. And you should only have ONE backpack and purse to use each week. Wait until the weekend to change to a new bag.

It’s time for you to get your own school and office supplies. I will share with you the basics you need, including your own stapler, tape dispenser, and scissors.

Before we get started, let’s talk about adding a bookshelf or cubby unit to your room.

To store and organize LOTS of different things in your room, you will need shelves. Here are your options:


I live near an IKEA so all the white and black units you see in the picture above and below are from IKEA {Kallax and Billy}.


I got the bookshelves in the loft from Office Depot when the kids were younger and our local IKEA wasn’t built yet.


Here is a smaller Kallax unit from IKEA.


You can find cube units like this at Target, too. And they now have these LARGER cubes {NOT the 9-inch cubes}. If you are buying new, get the BIGGER cubes even if your kids are little!

So it doesn’t matter. ANY bookshelf or cube unit will work, but it is MUCH harder to get organized without some shelves and spaces for your stuff.

Backpack & Purse

It doesn’t matter if you have a desk or not. I always did my work on my bed. My daughter does hers in the family room and our son does his work at school.

What you need is a designated place to keep all your supplies, and for your backpack and purse to stay EVERY day.

Having ONE place to put your backpack and hang up your purse will help you know where it is when you need it.


School & Office Supplies

Everyone needs their own scissors, stapler, tape dispenser, pens, markers…

Just like with your clothes, you need to figure out what your FAVORITES are. Right now, these are my favorite pens/markers.


When your mom does the back-to-school shopping, I suggest stocking up on office supplies for the house as well.

Here are 2 checklists I use to get ready for the school year and restock our office supplies.


The easiest way to organize your supplies today and through adulthood is to get one of these 3 drawer organizers. The drawers are big enough to hold loose-leaf notebook paper, but small enough to fit on a bookshelf.


While I DO think you should have some office supplies in your bedroom, I do NOT think you need to have a lot of them. Anytime we buy a lot of something, we end up with more to organize and actually use the item less.

Here is how I would organize one.

Top Drawer:


Middle Drawer:


Bottom Drawer:


Put your tape dispenser, stapler, and something to hold your pens, pencils and scissors on the top.



Saving School Papers

I highly recommend having just ONE binder to carry to school each day and having all your classes in that one binder.

Then at the end of the year, go through your papers and put your favorites in a binder to enjoy for years to come.



I’d love to hear about your bedroom office area!


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