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Nearly 20 years ago, I found myself struggling to figure out how to manage my own paper.  I finally got fed up and found a way to take control of my home. Organize 365 will give you the tools and teaching you need to learn the skills of organization.

I am a functional organizer so your final product will not be "Pinterest perfect" (though the Sunday Basket® is super cute!) Functional organizing is my goal and I want to teach you how to get your paper organized! Organization is a journey, not a destination.

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Are you embarrassed by your home when people stop by unannounced? Do you fear being judged by family or friends for your messy, cluttered home? There is nothing wrong with you! Organization is NOT a skill you are born with, but it is a skill anyone can learn. 

Free Emergency Medical Printables

We here at Organize 365 want to help and we want to address the biggest potential need in the world right now.

In the event that you need to have your medical records documented, please accept this FREE gift of a Mini Medical Emergency Information Binder from Organize 365 and feel free to share it with any and all family members, friends and neighbors.

Free 7-Day Mini Course

This FREE 7-day Sunday Basket mini course is the introduction you need to help you get your household papers organized.

  • What would you do with an extra 5 hours each week?
  • Are you overwhelmed by papers all over your home?
  • Would you like to worry less and actually get things done?
  • Are you ready to get your home and paper organized?

In 7 days and 7 easy steps I will help you get started on your organizing journey.

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    What is the Sunday basket?

    The Sunday Basket is just that! It is a basket that was created by Lisa Woodruff that replaces your to-do list for the week. This system will help you get a handle on DAILY and ACTIONABLE papers that are floating around your kitchen, car, bedroom, dining room, etc. Most importantly…

    What is the 100 Day Home Organization Program?

    The program provides 100 daily steps for you to take back the organization of your home. Quick instructions on how to tackle each space, slong with 1-2 minute videos of Lisa Woodruff organizing that same space in her home start your 15 minute daily sessions.

    What is All Access?

    All Access includes the 100 Day Home Organization Program (with your first Productive Home CEO Planner), Four Original Organizational Binders, Your Choice of the Save Your Story Photo Program or the Kids Program, Planning Day with Lisa and Six Bonuses...

    Organize 365 – The Podcast

    Every week, the Organize 365® Podcast produces 3 different episodes.

    • Learn the skill of organizing.
    • Change your mindset about what "organized" looks like.
    • Give yourself GRACE as you grow and learn about yourself and your space.
    • Save 5 hours each week incorporating planning and productivity into your routine.
    • Understand yourself and those around you better.
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    • Friday Podcast

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