Say Goodbye to Overwhelm, Stress, & Anxiety 

No one is “born organized.” And that is why so many of us are drowning in paper piles. The good news is: You CAN control the clutter!
And when you do, a world of possibilities opens for you. Join me on the journey from Point A to Point B:

Overwhelmed → Fulfilled
Reactive → Proactive
Getting through the day → Living your life’s purpose

Paper organization puts you in the driver’s seat. You determine your priorities and pursue your passions.

Welcome to Your One-Stop Paper Solution

At Home: Save 5 Hours Every Week

At Work: Be Productive — Not Busy

Your Roadmap to Peace, Purpose, and Productivity

When everything feels out of control, where do you begin? The answer is simple, but not always easy. You clear the clutter and prioritize.

I founded Organize 365® to help busy people like you get their homes and paper organized. Learn all about functional organizing through our free podcasts & resources, and get step-by-step lesson plans in our paid programs for any stage of life.

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Reclaim 5 Extra Hours Every Week!

Find your Paper Solution with the Sunday Basket® System

This is the system for you if you’ve ever lost important papers or forgotten essential tasks. Implementing the Sunday Basket® into your weekly routine allows you to maximize your 3 most limited resources:

  • Your time
  • Your money
  • Your energy

Being intentional is the key to increasing all three! Picture it now: more time, more money, and more mental energy. All this can be yours when you implement the Sunday Basket® routine.

Get control of your paper, get realistic about your to-do list, and get ready to change the world!

You can organize your household papers effectively

Sneak a peek into the system thousands of people rely on to run their households!

We 100% believe in every person’s ability to learn organizational skills.

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Maximize Your Work Week With the Friday Workbox

A customizable system designed to fit your work cycle

More productivity. More profit. More time at home.

When will you ever have time to dig out from under your to-do list? Everyone is busy, but productivity will ensure you get the right things accomplished.

Maximize your time and effort within your work or passion project. 

The Friday WorkboxTM helps you make effective plans so that you can take action on your ideas. Increase your productivity at work so you can finally make progress on your goals. Then, leave work at the office and be fully present when it is time to be at home!

Join me and thousands of individuals who have taken control with Organize 365®


The Lisa Woodruff you see today in Organize 365® did not always exist. For years, I was so disorganized I struggled to keep up with any aspect of my life. 

By 2012 I’d had enough and I began developing The Paper Solution. I got my life on track by organizing my paper piles and my home. That decision — that first step in the right direction — transformed me into the Lisa Woodruff you see today.

Organization is the first step to finding and fulfilling our life’s purpose. Once I had my paper and home under control, I was able to find my own purpose: I teach busy individuals, in any phase of life, the skill of home and paper organization with functional systems that work.

Today, Organize 365® is growing to include much-needed research. We know anecdotally that disorganization has significant, negative impacts on households across the U.S. We are going to investigate precisely what role organization plays in women’s struggles to reach and maintain their goals. 

I am thrilled to be with you as you refine and reach your own goals! Join over 30,000 people across the globe and make progress on your organizational journey.

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