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 This Site Is ALL About Organizing Your Home And Your Paper.

As a professional organizer, I know how desperately you want to wave a magic wand and instantly have your home perfectly organized. I know that for myself, getting my home organized was a process. And I’m a professional organizer!

There is no way around it. This process will take time. But YOU CAN DO IT! And I will make it easier and more fun.

Thousands of women around the world listen to the Organize 365 weekly podcast. You are not alone.

So where in the world do we START?!

What phase of life are you in?

1. Get A Sunday Basket

Over a decade ago, I was swimming in paperwork, babies, and sleep deprivation. I created the Sunday Basket as a way for me to gain some kind of organization around the mass of paperwork that I was sure would eat me alive.

The Sunday Basket is my system for helping you get a handle on all the DAILY and ACTIONABLE papers that are floating around in your kitchen, car, bedroom, dining room, mailbox, etc.

Everything you need to get started is in the Sunday Basket.

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This FREE 5-day Sunday Basket® mini-course is the introduction you need to help you get your household papers organized and save you 5 hours EVERY week.

In 5 days and 5 easy steps I will help you get started on your organizing journey.

The Sunday Basket is the foundation of all of your organization and the launch pad of your transformation.

3. Start Listening To The Organize 365 Podcast

What Our Students Have to Say

Lisa combines the best of all the productivity and homemaking programs/ideas/philosophies l've ever seen. And I can relate to her as a woman. She promises that organization frees you up to do the thing you were uniquely created to do, and that it starts with the Sunday Basket. Who doesn't want that?!
Carrie Henry ​
I had made so much progress on my purple project last week and this week that our company president sent an email to our owners praising my progress! I could not believe it. Forward movement on long-term goals may just be addictive. I have two more purple projects for next month....
Beth Barnett
Love you Lisa! Your Sunday Basket CHANGED MY LIFE! I'm all good, my house is super organized, always has been, it was paper/emails that weighed me down, and thanks to your Sunday Basket, and becoming an Empty Nester, I'm organized and have time for Pam Projects!!
Pam Martin
Yes, it’s a process, but Organize 365’s binder series is an outstanding part of the program. As an over 65 person who lives far from family, and lives in a high fire risk area, I highly recommend them!!
Margaret Sanders

You can read more about me here. Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll stick around and GET ORGANIZED with me!

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