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What's Included In Friday Workbox® Planning Day?

Join professional organizer and productivity expert Lisa Woodruff as she walks you through a LIVE, 4-hour planning session for your Friday Workbox®. Lisa will walk you through resetting your Friday Workbox, building your annual overview, setting your quarterly goals, and mapping out your plan to achieve them. Together with Lisa, you will focus on creating routines and checklists so that you never miss an important deadline. You are not required to purchase a Friday Workbox to attend; however, this program is designed to help you set up your new Friday Workbox® Business Goal Planner (included with Workbox Planning Day) alongside your Friday Workbox® to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming quarter. *Friday Workbox® Sold Separately

Topics covered in the Friday Workbox® Planning Day include:


Best practices for using your Organize 365® Friday Workbox® Business Goal Planner for the best productivity


Maintaining your Friday Workbox®


Creating your annual overview


Define your routines


Setting your quarterly goals


Building your plan to achieve your goals


Decide what to Delegate, Delete, Defer and Do

Would you like a reimbursement for your business expenses or Friday Workbox® Planning Day?  The Business Friday Workbox® may be considered a work-related expense and you can use one of our form letters below to request the purchase through your company or request reimbursement from your company. We have the two form letters below that you can print out to help you with this. Business Friday Workbox® Reimbursement Letter Business Friday Workbox® Planning Day Reimbursement Letter

Frequently Asked Questions

Friday Workbox Planning Day is open year round. You can sign up anytime!

YES! You can purchase Friday Workbox Planning Day and pay to have the Business Goal Planner shipped to you or you can opt out of having the Business Goal Planner shipped. You will need to leave a comment in the “special notes” to NOT ship the Business Goal Planner.

No, when you attend Friday Workbox Planning Day, Lisa uses the Business Goal Planner as a tool during the live event


No, it is only part of the Workbox Planning Day purchase.

The replay will be available for approximately 6 weeks. The specific date will be mentioned in the shop before you click to purchase.

There will be a slash pocket on the dashboard for the replay.

We do not offer Workbox Planning  Day on demand.

The Subscription Plan is open to US Residents only that have attended the most recent Workbox Planning Day.

You can purchase it in the SHOP or in your dashboard.

At this time there is not an annual subscription plan.

At this time, the Friday Workbox Planning Day Monthly Subscription Plan is NOT open to International Customers. We are currently working on partnerships with international distributors.

The replay will be available for approximately 6 weeks. The specific date will be mentioned in the shop before you click to purchase.

Your Business Goal Planner will be shipped out 3 weeks prior to Friday Workbox Planning Day.

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