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  •  What would you do with an extra 5 hours each week?
  •  Are you overwhelmed by papers all over your home?
  •  Would you like to worry less and actually get things done?
  •  Are you ready to get your home and paper organized?

This FREE 5-day Sunday Basket® mini-course is the introduction you need to help you get your household papers organized and save you 5 hours EVERY week.

In 5 days and 5 easy steps I will help you get started on your organizing journey.

I will share with you my FREE weekly planning printables, and the story of my own transformation from stressed out and overwhelmed to organized and productive.

I will give you the tools and teaching you need to learn the skills of organization.

The Sunday Basket is the foundation of all of your organization and the launch pad of your transformation.

The Sunday Basket will:

  • Collect incoming paperwork
  • Hold everything until you have time to process each item.
  • Help you to plan your week for maximum efficiency.
  • Keep your papers at your fingertips so you can take action on them.
  • Teach you the skills of organization for paper.

I would be honored to guide you on your year of transformation as you finally get your home and paper organized!

Join over 30,000 others who are getting organized.

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