If you need continuing education credits to renew your education license, we have the perfect solution for you! 

Organize 365 is now offering a graduate-level course through Ashland University. This course includes a Teacher Workbox and all of the components that accompany that product: teacher camp, the physical box and slash products, dashboard access, and teacher workbox club. 

Upon completion of all requirements, you will receive 3 graduate credits from Ashland University, an accredited university in Ohio.

**Once you click the “Register for the Course” button, it will redirect you to the Ashland University Website; you will no longer be on the Organize 365 website. 

They will ask for your SSN in order to award a graduate credit.

Course Description

Learning organizational skills is important for all students and educators, especially those who struggle with executive function and may have an ADHD diagnosis. There is very little support in place to help teachers organize and maintain all of the administrative tasks that are assigned to them. Through this course, educators will learn about improving executive function through strong organization and purposeful systems, will set up a Teacher Workbox to manage paperwork and administrative tasks, and will engage with a community of fellow educators to share ideas and support. 


An online graduate-level course that will focus on ADHD and organization to improve executive function. The course will be taught using Google Classroom and will consist of five modules with activities to complete. You will also receive the complete Teacher Workbox, which includes the red Teacher Workbox, 40 slash pockets, an online dashboard, teacher camp, and the weekly co-working Teacher Workbox Club.

Yes! One module focuses on ADHD and organization, and the other focuses on teaching students the skill of organization. The course description was written to highlight the focus on students. Ultimately, getting organized will help your students.

The course is taught through Ashland University, an accredited college in Ohio. After successful completion of the course activities, you will receive a transcript from Ashland showing the 3 graduate credits you have earned.

No, you do not have to apply for admission to the university. Ashland has an teacher professional development program that allows educators to enroll in continuing education PD courses without enrolling in the college. The credits you earn are not helping you work towards a degree.

Of course! We would love to have you! Anyone can register for the course and all enrollees will receive the Teacher Workbox - so, if you already have one, you will end up with two. And I’m sure everyone can find a use for a second workbox!

Yes! All educators are encouraged to take this course. If you need graduate credits to renew your license, then this course is for you. I am happy to help you talk through how you will utilize your slash pockets for your specific role.

Teacher Friday Workbox®

Organize 365® loves educators. (Did you know that our founder Lisa Woodruff is a former teacher?)

The Teacher Friday Workbox® system is a system for organizing and processing all of those actionable “to-do” papers that are part of your work in education. It includes a physical tool, digital training inside our Organize 365® Dashboard, and an online community for connection with others in similar situations.

This system is ideal for both traditional or homeschool teachers and administrators, and sets you up for success!
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