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I am thoroughly interested by the way the mind works. It is my desire that by engaging with the resources below, and across the Organize 365® website, you too will understand how the ADHD mind can learn to be organized.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in October of 2022. I understand the anguish and shame that you may experience if disorganization is overwhelming your life. I am also a wife, a mom, and a professional organizer. Which means that I have successfully parented, taught, and professionally organized those with ADHD – including myself!

That is why I am so thankful that you are here. You are ready to take action and increase your executive functions, and I am honored to be your guide.


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Detailed information is below, but you can get started in 4 easy steps!

How ADHD Affects Home Organization

If you have ADHD and you’ve been struggling with organization, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

Do any of these organizing challenges feel familiar to you?

Do you walk in a room to organize and find yourself paralyzed and overwhelmed?

Do you find yourself spending money on organizing solutions that don’t work?

Do you feel like you put in effort but never make any progress?

Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do, and yet for some reason, you just can’t get started.


It just means it's time to try working with your brain instead of against it.

In How ADHD Affects Home Organization, professional organizer, motivational speaker, and teacher of the learnable skills of organization, Lisa Woodruff will help you to:

* Understand how your mind works

* Recognize your unique strengths and weaknesses

* Find the strategies that work for you

ADHD Bundle

adhd bundle

Use your FSA (Flexible Spending Account), HSA (Health Savings Account) or Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) to purchase items to assist with your ADHD diagnosis.

The Productive Home Solution®

Calm accomplished in control

Give me one year. 

One year to organize your home.

One year to change your chaotic, reactive life into a purposeful, proactive life where you are in control.

The Productive Home Solution® includes everything you need for your year of transformation:


Learn the skill of organization, one task, one room, one day at a time with The Productive Home Solution®.

The Productive Home Solution lifetime membership is your course to reclaim your home and unlock your time to fulfill your unique purpose.

The Productive Home Solution includes:

Access to the comprehensive 52-week Productive Home Solution Course in your dashboard

The Productive Home Solution 52 Week Playbook 

1 Planning Day Live with Lisa – access to an exclusive, four-hour training session to prepare you for the next mini New Year

The Paper Solution® Binders:

  • The Financial Binder
  • The Medical Binder
  • The Household Operations Binder
  • The Household Reference Binder

A dedicated online community just for members of The Productive Home Solution – daily encouragement, accountability, troubleshooting, and moral support

The Private Productive Home Solution Podcast – guiding you through each week in your transformational year

Organize 365® helps busy people, in all phases of life, learn the functional skills of home and paper organization in one year with organizing systems that work. By developing these skills, people have the time to pursue their passions and unique gifting and calling.

Our Vision

Through research, targeted surveys, and data analysis, Organize 365® will bring to light the organizational needs of individuals. Podcast conversations and thought leadership will shape and develop the discussion about the “stuff” in American homes. As the trusted leader in home and paper organization, Organize 365® will be the go-to resource for busy individuals, future professional organizers, home organizational brands, and the media. Organize 365® will help individuals “finally get organized” with home and paper organization courses and products that combine teaching and applications of practical organization principles.

Why Research?

When writing The Paper Solution: What to Shred, What to Save, and How to Stop It From Taking Over Your Life, Lisa found a lot of organizational “statistics” but was often unable to find an original research study or source for the numbers repeatedly cited on the internet. Additionally, much of the available information about household organization was collected in the 1980s to early 2000s. Over twenty years later, it is important to collect and analyze updated information to better explore and understand household organization today. 

Organize 365® has initiated research about The State of the American Home in the 21st Century. We are partnering with several organizations and independent researchers to ensure our data collection is ethical, accurate, and interpreted properly. Organize 365® will share information and knowledge gained from rigorous scientific research.

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