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My name is Lisa Woodruff and I am the founder and CEO of Organize 365.

Organize 365 helps busy women finally get their home and paper organized in one year with functional organizing systems that work.

My passion is to help women get organized so they can spend their time pursuing their unique purpose and sharing their gifts with the world. I know that life brings so many ups and downs. But, when your home is organized, it gives you the foundation you need to manage crises when they come and pivot when you need to. Getting your home in order is the first step toward a more peaceful life. I focus on a message of grace when dealing with real life, and I want everyone to embrace progress over perfection.

I have a background as a teacher, professional organizer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Organization is a learnable skill, and I teach women how they can become organized in their own lives and homes.

You are never behind when getting organized
So feel free to join in at any time along your organizational journey. I will be here to support you in your journey!
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