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from the
40hour Teacher Workweek

The Education Friday Workbox® is the perfect
compliment to your 40hour Teacher Workweek.

This system helps you manage the active paperwork for your team, students, finances, administrative work, checklists, online tasks, and annual planning.

Organize 365® loves educators. (Did you know that our founder Lisa Woodruff is a former teacher?)

The Friday Workbox® system is a system for organizing and processing all of those actionable "to-do" papers that are part of your work in education. It includes a physical tool, digital training, and an online community.

This system is ideal for both traditional and homeschool teachers and administrators, and sets both you and your students up for success!

The Education Friday Workbox® includes:

  • A physical Friday Workbox® in the color of your choice – Red, Classic Navy, Slate Gray, Vintage Plum, Sapphire Blue, or Basic Black

  • One Set of Organize 365® 1.0 Slash Pockets (5 total)

  • One Set of Organize 365® 2.0 Slash Pockets (20 total)

  • One Set of Organize 365® Yellow Slash Pockets (5 total)

  • One Set of Organize 365® Orange Slash Pockets (5 total)

  • One Set of Organize 365® Red Slash Pockets (5 total)

  • Access to the online Friday Workbox® training portal, which contains detailed on-demand training for implementing your new Friday Workbox® system

  • A step-by-step Playbook to guide you in setting up your Friday Workbox®

  • Membership in an exclusive online community where you can join weekly co-working sessions for accountability

Still not sure? Have other questions that aren't answered above?

How will the Friday Workbox® Help Me Organize My Work?

The Friday Workbox®  is a comprehensive organizational solution with everything you need to physically organize your papers and to learn all the skills of being proactive and productive in your work. It is a physical product that stores ideas and assignments to keep your desk free of paper. It also includes online lessons to teach the skill of organizing. Using this external brain ensures that you are spending your time proactively engaged with your work, rather than reacting to the latest crisis. You will learn to track all of your active work, proactively plan your week, and increase the strength of your organizational skills.  

If you are familiar with the Sunday Basket® System for managing household paper, it will be easy to master your Friday Workbox®. The two share some similarities such as focusing on actionable papers and the use of the 1.0 and 2.0 Slash Pockets. However, Friday Workboxes® are focused on work or passion projects.

Organize 365® believes that “work,” paid or unpaid, takes on many different forms, which is why the Business Friday Workbox® is designed to be customizable to your specific role. The system contains a combination of physical and digital learning tools to help you create lasting organizational success in your workspace.

Friday Workbox® vs. Sunday Basket®: What’s The Difference?

You are probably wondering how the Friday Workbox® differs from the Sunday Basket®. When you think of the Sunday Basket®, what pops into your head? Bills, letters, medical information, finances, and everything in between, right?

The Sunday Basket® is built for organizing the home. Actionable household paperwork is kept in your Sunday Basket®.

The Friday Workbox®, on the other hand, is all about organizing your work!

What Kind of Time Commitment Can I Expect?

All week long, the Friday Workbox® will capture your actionable papers, to-dos, and other incoming paperwork. Then, at the end of the week, it is time to process, make decisions, and plan your upcoming week. In most settings, 90 minutes is the ideal time. The end of the week is most effectively spent reviewing and planning.  Most people are not highly focused at the end of the week, but it is the perfect time to review the current week and prepare for the next week.

The Friday Workbox® generally requires at least one hour of attention every week. For every minute you spend planning, you GAIN five in execution. This means, one hour spent planning and preparing on Friday saves you five hours nex week.

What If I Need Additional Support?

In order to provide education on the Friday Workbox® system, your purchase also includes a dashboard experience with access to multiple training videos. The training videos include information on adapting the Education Friday Workbox®  for varied education postions.

We also welcome any Friday Workbox® System purchasers to join us in our exclusive online community, the Education Friday Workbox® Club, on Thursdays from 2:00-3:30 pm EST. Each weekly session is hosted by a Friday Workbox® Certified Organizer. This is an accountability and co-working time to support the effective use of your Friday Workbox®. The sessions are recorded and can be watched on demand.

Are There Ongoing Fees or Costs With My Purchase?

The Friday Workbox® System is a one-time investment and includes everything listed above.

Many people who purchase the Education Friday Workbox® choose to add on Teacher Camp Planning Day or Planning Day Subscription plan.

During Teacher Camp, you will join professional organizer and productivity expert Lisa Woodruff as she walks you through a LIVE, one-week session for your Friday Workbox®. Lisa will walk you through cleaning out your Friday Workbox®, building your annual overview, setting your goals, and mapping out your plan to achieve them. Together with Lisa, you will focus on creating routines and checklists so that you never miss an important deadline. This program is designed to help you set up your new Friday Workbox® Productive Planner alongside your Friday Workbox®  to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming quarter.

You are not required to purchase a Friday Workbox® Productive Planner OR a Friday Workbox® to attend, however, this program is designed to help you set up your new Friday Workbox® Productive Planner alongside your Friday Workbox® to make sure you get the right tasks done for the upcoming quarter. 

Can I Get Professional Development Hours?

Here is a form you can use to document your continuing education hours.

Continuing Education Form


How Do I Become an Education Friday Workbox® Certified Organizer?

You will need to start with the Sunday Basket Workshop Certification before moving to the Education Friday Workbox Certification.  

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