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Laura Long


Laura Long

With an Accounting degree and 30 years of experience in the details of the office environment (retail, commercial, and non-profit), raising a family (PTA and homeschooling), managing my own health journey (dx MS in 2009), I am ready to help you tame the overwhelm of daily life.

During my 'Covid Spring Break,' a 16-month lay-off from my job of 8 years, I found Lisa's podcasts and books, and reorganized my home and paper using the principles in 'The Paper Solution' and 'The Productive Home Solution.' One personal experience after another reaffirmed my desire to help more women do the same. Since 2020, I've launched two daughters from college to real life (including a wedding!), helped friends navigate major life changes, managed my own and my parents' health care.
In starting HelloOrganize, utilizing the Friday Workbox®, and the Paper Solution® Certification, my focus continues to offer home organizing and paper organizing, in-home and virtual, with a supportive and judgment free approach."

Laura is endorsed by Organize 365® as a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer. She is trained to assist others to process through the contents of a filing cabinet and keep, shred, or recycle the contents per the homeowner's wishes. You can learn more about her services by clicking on her website.



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