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Empowering the Next Generation: Teaching Kids Organizational Skills

This program is designed to give your kids the tools and skills they need to get their home and school organized. You can feel confident knowing you are raising kids who will one day be responsible and independent adults.

This course will walk your kids through the lessons they need to learn how to organize their backpacks, their bedrooms, and their clothes! As a teacher, Lisa teaches these skills simply, clearly, and in her step-by-step way.

The Organize 365® Kids Program is a 100% digital course with lessons, videos, and printables.  Lessons will be taught in the dashboard and they can even use check marks to mark the lessons “complete” as they go through the program so your children can see their progress.

Your kids will learn how to:

    • clean their room
    • plan their week
    • keep their activity bags in order
    • keep their school work in order
    • organize their toys, hobbies and special memories

The Kids Program consists of a compilation of 5 separate courses:

  • Lessons for Parents – Everything you want to know about how to teach organizing
  • Lessons for Littles – Ages 0-5: Twelve lessons to help organize your littles
  • Lessons for Kids  Ages 6-15: Twenty step-by-step lessons designed to do a big clean out and reset your kids room
  • Saturday – Videos, printables & steps to clean & organize your room
  • Sunday – Videos, printables & steps to plan your week

Pay just one price no matter how many kids you have!  And you will have lifetime access to the program.

This course is completely digital so when you purchase, you will receive access to the digital courses for you and your kids right away! 

Lisa has taken everything she’s have learned as a teacher, parent, and professional organizer and poured it all into the Organize 365® Kids Program. We can’t wait to hear how this program has transformed your kids lives and given them the life long skill of organization!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kids Program is a comprehensive course which covers the organization needs of kids through young adults. This program contains five lessons and is for ages 0-15.
Yes! All of your kids can go through the program. You will want to print additional copies and purchase supplies so you have one per kid.
Yes, the video above goes through all the stages of a kids life and how the course addresses the organization needed.
#AllTheThings. This program is very comprehensive.
No. This is an entirely digital program.
Yes! All of your courses are immediately available in your Dashboard.
The Kids Program is for kids 0-15, the Launch Program is designed for young adults 16-25.
This will be different for everyone. Each child and each parent works differently, just the same as some people will spend 15 minutes a day organizing or hold it to 2 hours in one day or do a Blitz for a week. It also depends on the amount of things inside their mini apartments. Don’t worry about the time as much as just working through the process. This is about learning the skill of organizing 🙂
This is dependent on the parents. Can you move from room to room working with each child, giving them homework, and returning to follow up or is it best for you to work with one child at a time while the others are engaged in other activities with other adults?
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