Organize 365® Medical Binder

Each binder is designed with a workbook to organize one person’s medical information including:

  • Family information sheet, medical information summary, medical & health history, family & medical history, doctor information, diagnosis tracker, allergy tracker, medication tracker, lab results, hospitalization & surgery history, doctor appointment tracker, milestones checklist, and an immunization record. 

The binders hold 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper with the capability to add printouts from your doctor, articles you want to reference, or anything else you want to keep with your medical information.

Note: Each individual should have their own medical binder to take with them in case of emergency.

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538 - Organizing Your Medical Records: Files Related to Health
348 - The Paper Solution - Saving Your Medical History

The Paper Solution®

The Paper Solution includes: 

  • The Medical Binder
  • The Financial Binder
  • The Household Operations Binder
  • The Household Reference Binder
  • Lifetime access to the course dashboard.
  • Virtual Paper Organizing Retreat on-demand.
  • Access to the community app and the Paper Solution community group.

Introducing Organize 365’S Paper Solution® MEDICAL BINDER​

Bring your collection of medical paperwork to the workshop and a Certified Paper Solution Organizer will guide you through the process of organizing all of your medical information. You’ll leave with a completely organized binder that stores all of your medical information at your fingertips, including:

• Emergency contact information – who to call and where to find important paperwork
• Insurance information
• Prescription medications list
• Details of your current/past conditions, treatments, lab results and hospitalizations
• Childhood growth and tracking forms

You’ll love the peace of mind that the Medical Organizing Binder will bring to your life. All of your medical paperwork will be easily accessible to you or anyone who needs to care for you!

For more information and to purchase a Medical Binder, click here.

Organize 365® Medical Binder

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