4 Steps To Getting Photos Organized

by Lisa Woodruff

Feb 17, 2017 | Episode 153 | 0:37:08

Today on the podcast, I talk about the 4 steps to organizing photos.

Step 1 - Get ALL your photos in ONE place.

I like these photo bins the best because they hold a LOT and can make multiple vertical piles for sorting pictures.

divided plastic photo box

You can get this box through Amazon here.

Step 2 - Decide what you want.

I spend a LOT of time on this step in the podcast. What do you REALLY want?

Step 3 - SORT by person and project.

Here are my favorite albums to make.

Here are the videos I mentioned in the podcast.

The Heritage albums I made the first year I started scrapbooking...

Portrait albums...

Albums for your son...

Albums for your daughter...

Birthday albums...

Step 4 - Print your photos. :)

TimeShel is the Apple app I am using to print 30 photos each month from my phone.

Look at these beautiful pictures!


TimeShel is super easy to use. Remember to use the code ORG365 to get a free 10 prints month or 40% off your monthly 30 print subscription.


IMG_3274  IMG_3305 IMG_3306  IMG_3304 IMG_3273

Era is the Apple app I mentioned for having larger prints printed from your phone. Again, use the code ORG365 and get free shipping on your first order. :)


IMG_3301 IMG_3300 IMG_3299 IMG_3302

Promo Code ORG365

Are you feeling like you can start sorting your photos now?

Tell me, will you make albums? And if so, which one will you make first?

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