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585 – The Adult Life Span is Void of Developmental Structure at Home

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585 - The Adult Life Span is Void of Developmental Structure at Home

It is astounding to me that we live in dwellings all over the world and we don’t have much at all (and nothing new) to explain the development of adults and the elderly. Surely this exists and I can’t find it yet?!? First, I’m going to explain what I have been able to find, and then I’m going to ask the same questions I did with the other phases of life. 

The parabolas I came up with represent money and time. Then there’s the middle, straight line – it’s housework. It’s never accounted for in any of these studies as life-long unpaid work. There are 3 types: cleaning, tasks of daily living, and life administration. What is our purpose in this phase? Do housework! This is our job at home. What is our capacity? It’s three-fold: how much time you have, how much money you have, and the third that is unique to you – your energy. Are you optimally energized for the role that you are in?

How do you use the physical spaces in your home during this phase? Houses haven’t changed much since the 50’s. But I can change your mindset about how to use your house.

What scaffolding or support do we need? There have been no organizational supports or structures put into place for the administration of households. You need a Sunday Basket®, you need binders to replace your file cabinet, and you need The Productive Home Solution® in order to learn how to organize and optimize every part of your house. Different phases of life require different organizational structures and systems.


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