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Transformation with Kristen K

Jan 18, 2023
Kristen K. had a demanding full time job and a demanding two year old.  When she “broke”, she found herself searching for productivity podcasts. Lucky me, Organize 365® came up and Kristen was listening so she could gain control over her boxes of mail.
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The Lisa Glossary Part 13: Defining Executive Functions in the Home & ADHD

Jan 13, 2023 | Episode 518
Is it possible? Can you put enough systems in place to correct or manage ADHD? After diving into ADHD and running all the tests, the ADHD expert was convinced I did not have ADHD. However, when we took a deeper dive into my childhood and who I was before Organize 365®; it was a clear picture of a person with ADHD.  The expert explained that all the systems I have put in place, combined with hiring out the tasks that I struggle with…I have masked the fact that I have ADHD!
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Dec 30, 2022 | Episode 517
Last week I shared with you that one of my weaknesses has been overcoming the fact that I usually "ready, fire, aim" as opposed to "ready, set, go." Learning to do the SET step in Ready, Set, Go has been my weakness. What I have found from nearly 11 years of working with the Organize 365® community is that GO is the area that tends to trip you up.
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The Process of Organizing your Storage Space with Michelle Paradice

Dec 28, 2022
Meet Michelle. She’s the voice behind the mailbag introductions on the podcast and the Customer Service Team lead here at Organize 365®. Michelle is SO loved by the Organize 365® team and customers!
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Dec 23, 2022 | Episode 516
In part two of this three part Ready, Set, Go series, we are going to discuss the middle child of the Ready, Set, Go family - SET. What does it mean to get SET and to be SET?
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Transformation with Amber N

Dec 21, 2022
Amber N. shared her transformation with me! She’s the mom of two children who are a senior in high school and 14 years old, and she has a Greg of her own! Amber had always been inspired to be organized; but at some point life just got in her way.  She was no longer organized but desperately wanted to be.
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Dec 16, 2022 | Episode 515
Are you READY to think differently? Are you READY to evaluate your past new years goals and productivity? Are you READY to put in the work and reap the rewards of your focus & labor? Are you physically READY? Mentally READY? Emotionally READY?
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Organize 365® Reality KIDS TV Show with Maura

Dec 14, 2022
Today I am so excited for you to meet Maura. Over the summer I put out a social media post requesting a family that would allow me to get their kid’s rooms organized and FILM IT ALL for a movie about Kids Organization. Maura was jumping up and down saying “pick me”!
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The Productive Home Solution™ with Tanya Blackburn

Dec 9, 2022 | Episode 514
Meet Tanya! I am so excited to introduce you to Tanya Blackburn who is The Productive Home Solution™ Team Lead.  We have so much exciting news that I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to the person behind The Productive Home Solution™ community and share all the updates.
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Transformation with Ashley C

Dec 7, 2022 | 32:42
This week, I am sharing my interview with Ashley C. She lives with husband, three children and some fun pets! She shares her struggle with living up to the Pinterest perfect bar she set for herself when she had her first baby.
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