Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs applies to Organizing Journey

by Lisa Woodruff

Oct 25, 2019 | Episode 306 | 31:26

I love to learn new things and to apply them to the process of getting organized. Today, I want to introduce you to Abraham Maslow and his theory about the hierarchy of needs. 

As you go deeper into your organizing journey, you will find that things are empty. You may find empty shelves, empty cabinets, and empty space on your calendar. As you look for something to fill these spaces, you should consider the different kinds of human needs that benefit from being addressed. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory looks at these different kinds of needs as a pyramid, and I have found benefit from spending extra time and energy on each level at different times. 

Applying Maslow's hierarchy in the podcast, I explain and apply the 5 levels of human needs to different phases of the year and unexpected events. I explain how these different kinds of needs change as our lives cycle through different seasons. I want to help you spend more time in the highest levels so that you can live out your unique gift and share it with the world. 

Finally, I share how Planning Day before each new round of the 100 Day Home Organization Program helps you to review and revise how you will meet each level of need during the upcoming trimester. I want to help you move to a mindset where you can pursue your personal esteem and self-actualization needs without guilt.

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