550 – Expanding Your Capacity – Productive People Part 2

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550 - Expanding Your Capacity - Productive People Part 2
In today’s episode, Expanding Your Productivity: Productive People Part 2, I discuss how the next step on my productivity journey was very much an inside job. A lot of the things that I was doing during this part of my transformative journey were invisible to those around me. But, yet had a massive impact on where I am today. I quickly realized that to have the impact I wanted to have, I would need to create products and courses. The products you need to truly get your papers organized didn’t exist. I would need to create them. The courses you need to learn to get functionally organized and stay organized didn’t exist. I would need to create them. My in-home professional organizing business was growing rapidly and in the background I was creating a new vision and mission for Organize 365®. Listen in to hear how I was able to create this on an airplane! I had a burning desire to help women learn the skill of organization so they could unlock their time to do what they were uniquely created to do. I was having great success with this with my in-home clients. But how could I do that on a larger scale? This is where I had to just keep taking the next step. You know the long game but you are very much in the weeds, putting one foot in front of the other. To those around you, your transformation may be undetectable at this point. If you aren’t sure what the next step is…I’m here to affirm that no one else is going to be able to tell you either. I can tell you that you are always capable of more than you realize. You have so much more in the tank than you realize. Through this period of time in my life, where I was deeply internalized and absorbing information, books and podcasts, I became laser focused on creating the products that now fill the Organize 365® warehouse and are helping people all over the world (literally)! I also created The Productive Home Solution™ as the course that will help you learn to live an organized, productive and proactive life while organizing your entire home – one step at a time. It was through my own experiences of not knowing what that next step was that I was able to create a complete program designed to provide you with the next steps for getting organized in a way that is functional and sustainable for you. Then, once you’re organized, the sky’s the limit! You will have unlocked so much time and possibility and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you! It’s so fitting that this podcast happens to be episode 550! We are now half way to 600 episodes because I just keep making the next episode and taking the next step. Whatever stage of life you are in, I want to encourage you to let go of guilt and invest in yourself. Do and get the things you need to feel motivated, be more productive and take the next step. EPISODE RESOURCES: Did you enjoy this episode? Please leave a rating and review in your favorite podcast app. Share this episode with a friend and be sure to tag Organize 365® when you share on social media!
Expanding Your Capacity - Productive People Part 2
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