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533 – Is There an Organization Finish Line?

is there an organization finish line
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533 - Is There an Organization Finish Line?

 This episode answers a question I get a lot. How do you know when you are organized? What does it mean to be fully organized? Does anyone ever feel finished? Is there an organization finish line?

Let’s get into it! 

First, you’re going to want to follow along with the Organize 365® Research – get a FREE copy of our newly released research magazine here.

Our most recent research study aimed to answer these questions about what it means to be organized and where the finish line might be. To do this, we broke the organization up into the four categories we defined – personal, storage, family & communal spaces, and paper. This allowed us to zero in on different areas and give people an opportunity to rank if they felt organized in any of these areas of their lives. 

  • 15% of respondents felt they were personally organized
  • 14% of respondents felt that their storage rooms were organized
  • 18% of respondents felt that their paper was organized
  • 13% of respondents felt that their family & communal spaces were organized

This is a huge problem because our research has already revealed that 87% of Americans believe organization is a learnable skill. So the majority of people believe this to be learnable, but yet they have not achieved it. My concern is that people start to think they are the problem. When in fact, the real problem is that we don’t have a good way to learn the skill of organization or know when you’ve accomplished it. 

Listen in to hear more about how Swiss Cheese Organizing is only exacerbating the problem. This leads to one of the most important points of this podcast:

The order in which you attack organizing your home is MORE important than the amount you get done in any one area.

Learning to be organized and becoming organized is a commitment. Just like any other new skill or lifestyle choice, you may make – getting healthier, getting out of debt, getting a degree. It’s going to take time. Probably eighteen months to three years. Once you understand that it is going to take time – there’s relief in that. A release of pressure. Let go of the idea that you can get this done in a weekend. That if you don’t instantly start feeling and operating more organized, you’ve failed. You cannot get a transformation overnight or in the nooks and crannies of your everyday life. This is a commitment.

But here’s the really important thing to remember – in three of the four areas of organization we have defined (personal, storage, and paper), once you get these areas organized they will stay organized for a long time. Today’s episode includes approximate timelines for each area and tips for maintaining them once they are organized.

There is so much organization goodness in this podcast and I want you to take from this that there is no one finish line for organization. There are four finish lines, but also we are going for excellence, not perfection. Create your benchmarks and allow yourself the time you need to make this transformation and learn this skill.


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Is there an Organization finish line
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