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The Paper Solution Book Launch Day Details - Join us!

by Lisa Woodruff

Jul 31, 2020 | Episode 346 | 17:42

The Paper Solution Book Launch Day Details

The Paper Solution book is launching August 4, 2020 and I want to share some details with you! 

I have wanted to have a traditionally published book for years, and I have been planning an in person multi week book tour even longer. I started working on The Paper Solution in 2018 just after our first in person convention. (That was another dream come true!) I knew that traditional publishing was a slower process than self-publishing a book, but I wanted to have a publisher as my partner in spreading the message of learning the skills of organization and giving yourself grace to a bigger audience. I am delighted that so many of you have been here for the whole journey!

I have had a pink possibilities slash pocket for my book tour for years. I have been working on making connections and dreaming about how I could travel and hug so many of you in person. However, the current health crisis has delayed an in person book tour at this time - it is just not safe.

So many authors are learning to be flexible and pivot at this time. I have always been able to make quick decisions and to change my plans, and this time is no different. While this will not be the book tour I was planning, I have been able to focus on the function of what I want to achieve, and I have made some new plans for launching this book. I want you to have The Paper Solution - I don't want to just sell you a book, I want you to have a paper reference guide in your hands - so you can finally get your household papers under control

However, I do want to celebrate with you!!! Listen in to hear what kinds of preorder bonuses we are offering if you purchase and submit your receipt by August 3, 2020. I want to share different prizes and rewards to those of you who will be celebrating the launch along with me!