The Teacher Friday Workbox® is your administrative assistant.

I know, I’ve been there, and I’ve done it, too – spent a lot of time creating systems and solutions to make the upcoming school year more manageable. The goal is always the same – save time, and save energy during the hectic school year. The solution, however, often falls apart too soon. This is why I’ve spent YEARS, yes YEARS, perfecting the Teacher Friday Workbox®. This is why it exists as its product with an entire week-long camp devoted to it. Being a teacher is unlike any other career. The same passion you put into your role as a teacher I’ve put into making the Teacher Friday Workbox® a solution that will save you time, lessen your mental load, and keep you organized the entire school year.

The Teacher Friday Workbox® helps you make the invisible administrative work you do visible so you can streamline, automate, or eliminate it. There is so much you can’t control in the classroom. Focusing on the things you can control will allow you to save your mental and emotional capacity. As a former teacher, it was important for me to create a system that would give you back TIME. You need an assistant but we know that is not likely in the budget. The Teacher Friday Workbox® was designed to be your administrative assistant in a box and cater to the administrative role we all play as teachers. 

You are a REALLY good teacher. And I know you are doing #allthethings. You are trying to be a good homeowner, member of the family, caregiver, active in your community…the list goes on and on!

The administrative tasks that you have at school are necessary but don’t let them overwhelm you or steal your TIME. Reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks with Teacher Camp and The Teacher Friday Workbox®.

The Teacher Friday Workbox® allows you to:

  • Reduce the overwhelm
  • Externalize your executive function and reduce the mental to-do list load
  • Have a centralized location and routine for processing through notes, to-dos, and observations for your class
  • Plan and create checklists to make it easier to do all the routine tasks throughout the year such as field trips, holiday planning, reports, and state testing
  • Create a systematic approach to quickly accessing passwords for students on all the online platforms
  • Easily track and store CEUs and Professional Development certificates, documentation and opportunities
  • Establish a good cadence in habits for when you leave the classroom to do things within the school building
  • Save time by having a well-documented and easy-to-retrieve system for when you need to a discipline referral, document an incident in the classroom, grab a health form for a child with a food allergy, or utilize a standard form at your school
  • Prepare for emergencies or having to step out of the classroom at a moment’s notice – everything is already documented and ready to go for anyone who would need to step in
  • Safely store building documentation, handbooks, papers needed for school and team meetings for easy access

Give yourself the gift of a like-minded community and resources available to help you streamline the things that are within your control. Teacher Camp with the Teacher Friday Workbox® includes:

  • The Complete Teacher Friday Workbox® (in Candy Apple Red) comes with 8 complete sets of slash pockets designed specifically for the Teacher Friday Workbox®
  • A step-by-step playbook to guide you in setting up your Teacher Friday Workbox®
  • Teacher Camp Summer 2024 will be included! Teacher Camp is a powerful weeklong event in the summer that allows you to reflect and prepare for the inconvenient and urgent requests that happen throughout the year. Prepare your future self for success and thinking through the next school year in Teacher Camp. Teacher Camp will help you get your work done, get prepped for the upcoming year, and make the invisible work visible so that you can streamline, eliminate, or automate it. Teacher Camp will be from 10:00am to 12:30pm on Monday, July 1st, Friday, July 5th, Monday, July 8th, Friday, July 12th and Monday, July 15th.
  • Access to the Teacher Friday Workbox® Dashboard with video training courses and additional resources
  • Lifetime membership to the Teacher Friday Workbox® Community – crowdsource with fellow teachers and educators in the Organize 365® Community.

Save yourself over 100 hours per school year by preparing yourself for success and thinking through the next school year.

Teacher Friday Workbox®

The Teacher Friday Workbox® system is a system for organizing and processing all of those actionable “to-do” papers that are part of your work in education. It includes a physical tool, digital training inside our Organize 365® Dashboard, and an online community for connection with others in similar situations.

This system is ideal for both traditional or homeschool teachers and administrators, and sets you up for success!

2023 Teacher Pilot Recap

What Is Teacher Camp?

We know, we’ve been there, we’ve done it, too – spent a lot of time creating systems and solutions to make the upcoming academic year more manageable. The goal is always the same – save time, save energy during the hectic school year. The solution, however, often falls apart too soon. This is why we spent so much time working on the Teacher Workbox solution. And we are SO ready for you to join this year at Teacher Camp.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A collaborative and supportive community of teachers ready to jump in with you and figure out all your administrative and organizational needs for the upcoming academic year
  • Time to crowdsource and troubleshoot the challenges you experienced or anticipate as an Educator
  • Planning – when was the last time you gave yourself time to plan – I mean really plan. Dream about the school year to come – plan your current projects and the very foreseeable future.
  • Once you attend Teacher Camp you’ll only wish you’d done it sooner. 

The goal of Teacher Camp is getting our academic and administrative tasks organized over the summer for our next academic year.

We will be using the The Teacher Friday Workbox® system to do this. This system is for organizing and processing all of those actionable “to-do” papers that are part of your work in education. It includes a physical tool, digital training, and an online community.

This system is ideal for both traditional and homeschool teachers and administrators, and sets both you and your students up for success!

Teacher Camp will get you and your Workbox ready for the next school year!

2024 Teacher Camp is included with the purchase of the Teacher Friday Workbox. Current Teacher Workbox customers automatically receive 2024 Teacher Camp.

Teacher Friday Workbox Co-working Time

Co-working time will start Thursday after Labor Day 2024 and end Thursday before memorial day 2025.

Still not sure? Have other questions that aren't answered above?

The Friday Workbox®  is a comprehensive organizational solution with everything you need to physically organize your papers and to learn all the skills of being proactive and productive in your work. It is a physical product that stores ideas and assignments to keep your desk free of paper. It also includes online lessons to teach the skill of organizing. Using this external brain ensures that you are spending your time proactively engaged with your work, rather than reacting to the latest crisis. You will learn to track all of your active work, proactively plan your week, and increase the strength of your organizational skills. If you are familiar with the Sunday Basket® System for managing household paper, it will be easy to master your Friday Workbox®. The two share some similarities such as focusing on actionable papers and the use of the 1.0 and 2.0 Slash Pockets. However, Friday Workboxes® are focused on work or passion projects. Organize 365® believes that “work,” paid or unpaid, takes on many different forms, which is why the Friday Workbox® is designed to be customizable to your specific role. The system contains a combination of physical and digital learning tools to help you create lasting organizational success in your workspace.

You are probably wondering how the Friday Workbox® differs from the Sunday Basket®. When you think of the Sunday Basket®, what pops into your head? Bills, letters, medical information, finances, and everything in between, right?

The Sunday Basket® is built for organizing the home. Actionable household paperwork is kept in your Sunday Basket®.

The Friday Workbox®, on the other hand, is all about organizing your work!

All week long, the Friday Workbox® will capture your actionable papers, to-dos, and other incoming paperwork. Then, at the end of the week, it is time to process, make decisions, and plan your upcoming week. In most settings, 90 minutes is the ideal time. The end of the week is most effectively spent reviewing and planning.  Most people are not highly focused at the end of the week, but it is the perfect time to review the current week and prepare for the next week.

The Friday Workbox® generally requires at least one hour of attention every week. For every minute you spend planning, you GAIN five in execution. This means, one hour spent planning and preparing at the end of the week can save you five hours next week.

In order to provide education on the Friday Workbox® system, your purchase also includes a dashboard experience with access to multiple training videos. The training videos include information on adapting the Education Friday Workbox®  for varied education positions. We also welcome any Friday Workbox® System purchasers to join us in our exclusive online community for connection and encouragement. Education Workbox Certified Organizers are also available to contact through our Directory.
The Friday Workbox® System is a one-time investment and includes everything listed above. Many people who purchase the Education Friday Workbox® choose to add on Education Camp or Planning Day. During Education Camp, you will join productivity expert Lisa Woodruff and the Organize 365 team as they walk you through a one-week session for your Friday Workbox®. They will walk you through cleaning out your Friday Workbox®, building your annual overview, setting your goals, and mapping out your plan to achieve them. Together with Lisa and her team, you will focus on creating routines and checklists so that you never miss an important deadline. This program is designed to help you set up your Friday Workbox®  to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming year.
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