Organize 365® The Household Operations Binder

The Organize 365® Household Operations Binder is the icing on the cake! We cover some difficult topics in The Paper Solution® (no one ever said the invisible work of organizing would be fun). But, The Household Operations Binder is where you get to have some fun!

This binder is all about you, your uniqueness, your family, how you celebrate life and the things and traditions that make your family unique and special.

This workbook will help you document and organize your pet records, vacations, celebrations (birthdays, holidays, etc.), cleaning schedules, meal planning, babysitting and so much more. This workbook is the biggest of the bunch! There are so many wonderful ideas on how to run your household more effectively and efficiently as well as how to plan for fun!

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536 - Organizing Your Household Operations: Holidays, Cleaning Schedules, Meal Planning, Pets & More
467 - The Lisa Glossary Part 10: Organize 365® Binders

The Paper Solution®

The Paper Solution includes: 

  • The Medical Binder
  • The Financial Binder
  • The Household Operations Binder
  • The Household Reference Binder
  • Lifetime access to the course dashboard.
  • Virtual Paper Organizing Retreat on-demand.
  • Access to the community app and the Paper Solution community group.

Introducing Organize 365’S Paper Solution® HOUSEHOLD OPERATIONS BINDER​

During this Workshop, a Certified Paper Solution® Organizer will guide you through the process of organizing all of your home operations information. You’ll leave with a completely organized binder that allows you to keep all your information at your finger tips, including:

• Meal planning resources
• Cleaning and home maintenance checklists
• Service provider contact information
• A home improvement Wish List
• Important dates tracker
• Planning sheets for major holidays and parties

You’ll LOVE the peace of mind that the Household Operations Binder brings to your life! Get ready to run your household LIKE A BOSS!

For more information and to purchase a The Household Operations Binder, click here.

Organize 365® The Household Operations Binder

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