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Are you a warrior MAMA?

When I shared about my personal 7 year transformation a few weeks ago, I talked a lot (for the first time!) about my own struggles helping my children.

My children both have unique and special learning needs, and figuring out what is best for them has taken all of us down a difficult, but worthwhile, path. It even led to homeschooling my daughter!

On this page, I have compiled all of the links about advocating for your child's needs and resources to help you.

Listen to the podcast.

I call myself a Warrior Mama, and on today's episode, I invited a fellow Warrior Mama (and professional organizer) on to talk about what that looks like, and the tools that helped both of us navigate this journey.

Warrior MAMA Master Class

This class is perfect for you if you are advocating for your child's need in an IEP, 504 or medical setting.

I will share my Warrior MAMA story and how I organized my paperwork to get the best services for my kiddos.

This class is also perfect for you if you just purchased a Warrior MAMA Binder and want to get ideas for how to better use your binder.

The masterclass is about 60 minutes long followed by a 30 minute Q&A that was recorded live.

For more information and to purchase a Warrior MAMA Binder, click here.

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Bridget's Unboxing Video

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