88 – 10 Things I am Decluttering After 30 Years!

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88 - 10 Things I am Decluttering After 30 Years!

Today is all about YOU. Why do we save what we save, and how can we decide to get rid of it?

In this podcast, I am sharing the 10 items I have helped on for 35-15 years. How I acquired the item, what it means to me, and why it is time to let it go.

OK, GULP, here are the 10 Things I am decluttering after 30 years!

1. Fake Trees

Seriously. I took these from my parent’s house in the early ’90s when they were done using them for decoration. 20 years later… I’m ready for a change too!

2. Jewelry

In the podcast, I share how my husband’s uncle can melt down gold and custom design a piece for me with my old jewelry that I no longer wear and make a piece that I will wear and love.

At the top of this little scrapbook page are the earrings he made from my mother’s sapphire ring.

Here is a link to Peter’s Jewelry Store The Golden Image in Sarasota, Florida.

And I found this fun interview of their shop on YouTube!

3. Daycare Plans

During my senior year in college, I designed a corporate daycare center for my end-of-year project. My grandfather drew plans for my project and I LOVE them. But you know what? I NEVER show them to anyone or look at them myself. I just TELL people about them.

So I am taking pictures of them and throwing them away to keep decluttering. -Yeah I changed my mind on this one. I am KEEPING them. They are so cool!

4. Figurines

My mother’s family collects Lladro and Hummel figurines.

I have a few of each, and while they are VERY meaningful, they are no longer my decorating taste. So these are not going, but some of them will be boxed up as I redecorate my house.

5. Most Books

This purging has been slower, sort of like a closet. Each year I get rid of about 20% of my books and now I am down to just a few favorites left.

One thing I noticed is that I have bookshelves in EVERY SINGLE ROOM of my house. It’s crazy!!

After working on this post, I decided that over the next year, I am going to slowly move everything into our loft area and make that a library. 🙂

Now I need to just figure out how to decorate without fake trees and bookshelves!

6. Encyclopedias

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear the long, sordid tale about these, but after Greg gives the go-ahead, I am ready to get rid of the encyclopedias.

7. Skis

3o years old. Enough said. 🙂

8. My Expensive Stereo From 1985

I worked ALL year to earn the money for this stereo. It is so hard to let go of things you worked so hard to get. We find old stereo speakers, stereos, TVs, and other electronics ALL THE TIME in the houses we organize.

Pssst, your broken electronics will not be fixed by fairies in your basement.

9. Old Framed Art and Old Picture Frames

Again, I feel like I am saying the same thing for each item… Agh! Once I replace something on the wall, I am NOT going to go back to the old picture.

So again, as I redecorate our home this year, I will declutter ALL old art and ALL old picture frames at the end of the project!

10. Storage Containers

I am firmly OUT of the Accumulation Stage of Life and in Survival. I declutter all the time.

So there is no need for me to have a stash of organizational bins and boxes in my basement. So out they go!

BONUS!! 11. The Weight Bench and Weights

Oh, how I have longed to see this go, and FINALLY Greg said OK last week! For 20 years I have wanted to donate this!… Dreams DO come true!

So, what about you? What should you declutter?

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