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367 – Content Consumption Tips from Lisa & Teddy Roosevelt

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
367 - Content Consumption Tips from Lisa & Teddy Roosevelt

I am constantly consuming books, podcasts, webinars, and social media. These sources allow me to connect with people, ideas, and passions that I have, but to do so on my own time when I am ready for it. I love to learn and have an insatiable capacity for knowledge and learning. Because I follow my interests and seek out new things to learn, I constantly change what content I am listening to and reading.

During the holidays this year, I am making an effort to provide lots of content for those in the audience who may be lonely or looking for a friend during this difficult year of the pandemic and social distancing. I will take you along with me, and I remember years when the holidays were difficult in my own life. I want to be there for you as much as I can this year. I often view Instagram stories as virtual reality shows with my own personal friends (even if the people I am following do not know me!).

So many of you ask me about what books, podcasts, Netflix series, webinars, and social media I am reading and watching. The reason I do not answer is that it would take over half an hour each week just to explain what I am consuming this week. It is constantly changing, and a lot of it builds on things I have already learned and consumed. Also, I consume a lot of content.

This week, I am sharing some of the tips from an article about President Teddy Roosevelt – another productivity nut! In 2019, Erin McCarthy published 13 Reading Tips from Theodore Roosevelt, and today I am sharing some of them with you, along with a few of my own thoughts about them.

Listen in, and I will share what I listen to, watch, and do around the house, and how I choose what to consume next!

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