473 – A Day in the Life – Evening Routines

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473 - A Day in the Life - Evening Routines

In this podcast series, I will be sharing my habits, routines, and the different ways I think about time. This week I’ll be sharing my evening routines.

I always learn more from listening to real-life stories of how other women are “getting it done.” Thanks for letting me share mine with you!

Evening routines help us transition from day to night. They take place after dinner and as we wind down for the day. It’s time to relax, get ready for bed, and do any prep for the morning.  

A Day in the Life Evening Routines

When the sun goes down, I’m done for the day. 

I love being at home, taking my bath, and then sitting on my bed. I might watch TV, work on a puzzle, read a book, or snuggle Grayson. 

I went to record my evening routine for you, and I don’t have one. It doesn’t change much. I don’t want to talk about it at night, because that’s my low-energy time.

I take a hot bath every night. The length of time varies, but I use my Epsom salts and some other skincare and self-care. I put on my pajamas and a cozy jacket. I get ready for my evening.

In the past, I would prep for the day ahead. I would pack a lunch and lay out my clothes. I also review my calendar and think through my schedule for the next day. Now, I tend to do this at the end of my workday during my afternoon routine. 

I’m also including a recording of an older evening routine that I followed when the kids were younger. Different seasons of life have different needs for structure. 

Do you have an evening routine? Which of your routines is the most effective for you?

Evening Routine
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