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359 – 2020 Declutter Entertainment

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
359 - 2020 Declutter Entertainment

Have you been listening, or have you been taking action this month? We’ve talked about files, hot spots, and hot mess rooms. Today, we are going to talk about decluttering entertainment.

This pandemic has taught me that Americans are entertainment hoarders. We have long lists of things we pursue for the sake of entertainment like kids’ activities, restaurants, shopping, TV shows, sporting events, and even travel. We have become so used to consuming entertainment that the pause in novelty during the pandemic has led to boredom. There was even a meme that said: “I finished Netflix today, what’s next?”

Today, I want to share my thoughts about decluttering the entertainment we have inside our homes. Those games, puzzles, and hobby materials that you were keeping just in case – have you used them? Can you plan to use them this winter? If you have entertainment you no longer wish to keep, clear out your house and make more space for the things your family does use.

Listen to the podcast as I talk with you about board games, video electronics, that mega box of cords, and even analog entertainment (waffle makers, for example).

I want you to use the entertainment you do have and enjoy to make memories with your family. And, for the things you no longer need, can you pass them on and bless some other family? I bought a bunch of puzzles when we first started staying safe at home. I have passed them along to people who passed them along to others – the puzzle train means that many families get to enjoy spending time together working on a puzzle, but do not have to keep storing a puzzle they have already used.

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