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518 – The Lisa Glossary Part 13: Defining Executive Functions in the Home & ADHD

Adhd and executive function
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518 - The Lisa Glossary Part 13: Defining Executive Functions in the Home & ADHD
Is it possible? Can you put enough systems in place to correct or manage ADHD? After diving into ADHD and running all the tests, the ADHD expert was convinced I did not have ADHD. However, when we took a deeper dive into my childhood and who I was before Organize 365®; it was a clear picture of a person with ADHD. The expert explained that all the systems I have put in place, combined with hiring out the tasks I struggle with…I have masked the fact that I have ADHD! I didn’t always believe in an ADHD diagnosis. When I was young and thought I knew everything, I was convinced children just needed a little more discipline and manners. Some children just had a lot of energy, is how I explained it. But then I had one student who put me in my place. I thought it was crazy for Mom and dad to try medication for the little girl during the last week of school. But to my surprise, she was a bright student, and the medication helped ADHD get out of her way! I realized I knew nothing about anything. Isn’t it funny how the more you know, the more you realize that you know very little? Once we adopted children, I loved to play preschool with them. It wasn’t until a routine doctor visit that it was brought to my attention that I would be raising a child with ADHD. At this point, I craved information to help my children to succeed. I was lucky to attend seminars in Cincinnati with all the best doctors and learn about ADHD! Now I’m embarking on my Ph.D. journey, where I’ll be focusing on the brain and the eight executive functions. That’s right! I’m a lifelong learner and am confident that I have the systems in place that I need to be organized and succeed. It has come full circle – and I’m here to share it with all of you! EPISODE RESOURCES: Did you enjoy this episode? Please leave a rating and review in your favorite podcast app. Share this episode with a friend, and be sure to tag Organize 365® when you share on social media!
Adhd executive function
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