498 – Housework: The Hot Mess Theory Part 2 with Jacqui Ioli

Housework the hot mess theory
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498 - Housework: The Hot Mess Theory Part 2 with Jacqui Ioli

Jacqui Ioli is back with me on the podcast to finish the conversation that we started last week. Be sure to listen to her Wednesday Transformation to hear more about who she is and her story. Before you listen to this episode, go back and listen to the first part of our conversation about Jacqui’s Hot Mess Theory of work and the concepts of overwork, underwork, rework, and workarounds.

In this episode, Jacqui and I get into real-world examples of how you can eliminate overwork, underwork, rework, and workarounds, especially in terms of creating correct paths using the Sunday Basket® System.

Many people have gotten organized using Marie Kondo’s system of pulling everything out and going through it all until it’s done. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well for the average woman, especially moms. It causes more chaos because you don’t have big blocks of time to work with. The Organize 365® method gets you organized in 15-minute, bite-sized chunks of time that you can expand into larger blocks when the time and energy are available. You will still have some of the hot mess chaos between the stages of decluttering, organizing, and increasing productivity, but it will not be catastrophic to you personally and your life in general.

The Sunday Basket® specifically helps you eliminate the four types of work that Jacqui discusses and gives you back time. Our research says you can get back on average 5 hours a week by developing a Sunday Basket® routine! Having a place to gather the actionable paper but also a time to sit down and process those papers and random thoughts gives you the space to develop procedures and eliminate the problem of no correct path.

Jacqui gives the example of her pants. She needed pants that could carry her wallet while at work. She found pants that worked for her need. When she found that she had pants in her closet that didn’t fit this need, those went to the giveaway area. She has a routine of taking her donations with her when running a particular errand. The pants flow seamlessly from one step to the next because she had developed a correct path to take when she finds pants in her closet that don’t fit her current work outfit needs and goals.

Could you create your own Sunday Basket® System? Could you create your own curriculum like The Productive Home Solution™ to organize your home? Sure, but as Jacqui describes, it’s faster and easier to buy the programs and modify anything to fit your specific needs rather than to create it from scratch. Eliminate the overwork!

Jacqui also talks about signs and systems for taking care of an aging parent. If you’re caregiving for an aging parent or another relative, you need to hear how Jacqui talks about vital signs for determining their capacity for caring for themselves. She also gives this great tip: If you’re caring for a relative that needs assistance with their paperwork but still lives on their own, keep an identical copy of their binders at your house. This allows the person to maintain some independence and dignity while allowing you to guide them to the needed papers and information. Jacqui did this for her mom and it saved her a lot of time running across town to be able to open her copy of the binder and guide her mom to the right page.

What about paper versus digital? Yes, we went there too in this conversation! By all means, keep digital copies, and feel free to create complimentary digital systems. But, paper is powerful! When you walk into doctor’s appointments or IEP meetings, you will save time, get more accomplished, and be taken more seriously if you can hand over a physical piece of paper.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Jacqui. I loved hearing about her research and examples of how and why the Sunday Basket® system works to eliminate the hot mess chaos in your life!

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The Sunday Basket® System

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