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309 – How to Get Organized with ADHD – Your Questions Answered

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
309 - How to Get Organized with ADHD - Your Questions Answered

Today on the podcast, I want to answer questions that have been submitted about how to get organized with ADHD for both adults and children. I do start with a review of different executive functions. I want to be sure you hear me clearly – no one has perfect executive functioning. So, I want to share different ways you can adjust your mindset and behaviors to make progress on your organization’s journey.

Here is my best hint: consistency beats everything. Simple things done consistently over time will result in real, lasting changes in your life, home, and organization. If you fall off the wagon or break your streak, just start again. Keep going.

I start by telling you about different medications, supplements, over-the-counter, and support techniques I use for myself and my children.

Listen in as I answer the following questions:

  • How do you get a routine going when you can’t stay consistent?
  • How do I not get so overwhelmed that I do nothing?
  • How do I stay focused?
  • How do you overcome out of sight is out of mind?
  • I have a 14-year-old girl who never sticks with a system. Everything is always disorganized!
  • How do you maintain everything in its place? That’s so boring!
  • How do you start when you do not want to do it, and the project looks overwhelming?
  • I am consistently inconsistent. Help!
  • How would you organize a student with ADHD?
  • How do you stay on task?
  • Where do you start when getting organized?
  • Kids’ spaces are always disorganized. What should I do?
  • I’m overwhelmed because I have a very messy space. How do you move forward when your brain shuts down?
  • How do I learn to delegate?

I teach some different ways to deal with these issues and help you along your organizational journey!

I hope you found this helpful. For more resources on getting organized with ADHD check out our ADHD Resources here and sign-up for our newsletters.

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