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Leveling Up: A Farewell to Emily

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
Leveling Up: A Farewell to Emily

On Wednesdays, I usually talk with members of the Organize 365® community as they share the challenges, progress, missteps, and triumphs along their organizing journey. You can see and hear transformation in action. This Wednesday Transformation is a little different.

In this episode, I sat down with my sister, Emily Kelly, to talk about her personal and professional transformation. Emily came to work with me at Organize 365® over 4 years ago. During that time, her mindset has shifted. Emily has been leveling up. She has regained control of her finances. She’s gone through hard seasons. Now she’s ready for a new adventure.

I said I’d never fire Emily and she said she’d never quit, but the time came recently for Emily to leave Organize 365® because her dream job appeared. She didn’t go looking for it. It found her. Listen in as Emily tells the whole story in this episode.

Mentioned in this episode: You can listen to my depression story in episode #069.

I hope you find Emily’s story encouraging as you’re working towards your transformation!

How are you leveling up?

I am grateful that you are reaching out to share your stories and progress with me and with the Organize 365® community. If you are ready to share your story with us, please apply at https://organize365.com/wednesday

I look forward to helping YOU get Organized!

PS – Be sure to share YOUR unique way of using #myextra5 and tag your post on Instagram so we can share your wins!

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