482 – Organizing Personal Spaces

Organizing personal spaces
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482 - Organizing Personal Spaces

I’ll be honest: Organization is optional. While cleaning and tasks of daily living are not optional, you CAN survive without organizing. Even though this next-level step of organization is optional, when you do choose to do it, it is a current investment of time today for a future exponential return on time later.

Organization always pays you back in time and sometimes money.

You can’t make anyone else be organized, so you have to start with yourself and your personal spaces. Organization must become a habit starting with these personal spaces. It needs to be something that you do regularly, spending 15 minutes a day or an hour once a week working on building your organizational muscles.

The best place to begin? Your closet! You are 100% in control of your clothing. After that, you can move on to your portion of the bathroom space and bedroom space, your wallet or purse, and your transportation.

Remember: This is NOT about perfection. Organized means that everything has a place and everything is in its place.

When it comes to organizing these spaces, there are no rules. I’m not going to come judge you and your space. Make it how you want it to be!

In our research study, “Home Organization Isn’t Just an Optional Hobby for Women,” we found that 62% of women reported that anxiety prevents them from organizing their personal spaces. I just want to hug you and tell you that this doesn’t have to be stressful.

In this episode, I share more about what personal spaces are and some encouragement and instruction for building your habit of organizing in these spaces.

Are you ready to get your personal space organized?

Read more about our research studies here.

Ready to start organizing? Read more about The Productive Home Solution™ here.

Want more inspiration? Listen to my morning, afternoon, and evening routines episodes to hear more about how I use and organize my personal spaces.

Organizing personal spaces
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