521- Lisa’s Organization Story 2002

Lisa's organization story 2002
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521- Lisa's Organization Story 2002
This podcast is the first in a series of five that will walk you through different life phases and stages I’ve experienced and how The Sunday Basket® has been my partner in productivity along the way! Join me in my time machine as we glimpse what my life looked like in 2002 and how The Sunday Basket® was created to support me during this phase of life. In 2002, I had two babies, a successful career in direct sales, the same house I still live in today, and of course, Greg! I also had a paper pile problem. And every day, I played “the paper pile game.” I would leave my ever-growing pile of papers (bills, mail, to-do lists, calls to make, checks to be deposited, and everything in between) on one side of my kitchen island. Each day I would have the best intentions to tackle that paper pile, but often I would have just enough time to shuffle the papers around before one of the babies needed me, and then right back on the counter it would go. That process was repeated day in and day out. How could I make this paper pile more actionable?  One night as my family slept, I finally laid out all the papers before me. I began to sort the paper piles into categories. By the end of that evening, I had 40 separate “piles” that were now categorized. The next day I could grab just one of those categories (I had separated them all into binder dividers I had on hand) and take immediate action. Oh my goodness! What a profound impact this had on me. It felt so good to be taking action, and little by little, finally, I watched the paper pile shrink.  I put all the binder dividers in a Longaberger basket (remember those?), and I began to add any new mail, paper, notes, to-dos, etc., into the basket. Then each Sunday, I would sit down and go through it. This is where I learned how to prioritize things that needed to be done before the following Sunday and plan my week as a mother and direct sales leader.  The impact of breaking down my paper piles into actionable chunks was HUGE. This is how The Sunday Basket® was born! Want to have your own The Sunday Basket® experience as I did?  We have a FREE 5-Day Sunday Basket® Mini-Course you can join now. This course will walk you through gathering your paper piles and how to sort them into five daily tasks.  Join me next episode as my journey shifts from babies and bliss to chaotic and unexpected.  EPISODE RESOURCES: Did you enjoy this episode? Please leave a rating and review in your favorite podcast app. Share this episode with a friend, and tag Organize 365® when you share on social media!
Lisas Organization story
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