The Kids Program & NEW Organize 365 Products

by Lisa Woodruff

Jun 28, 2019 | Episode 286 | 38:51

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you on the podcast as we launch lots of exciting NEW products here at Organize 365!

I’m going to walk you through everything going on including a deep dive into our brand new and highly anticipated Kids Program! If you’ve always wanted to get your kids organized and even encourage them to jump on this organizational train ride with you, this is your chance!

But that’s not all! (Yes, there’s more…. a lot more!)

We’re also launching our new Lattice Binder, Kids Clips, and Volunteer Workbox!

I’m beyond excited to finally share this news with you! If you want to find out more about all these new products and all the amazing things happening here at Organize 365, tune in!

Inside the Volunteer Workbox

Let’s kick things off with the Volunteer Workbox!

It’s the eighth edition in our line of workboxes that are carefully designed to help organize your work both at home and you know, actual work. You can visit the Organize 365 Shop to browse through our collection of workboxes if you’re interested.

The Volunteer Workbox was the one thing we were missing in our collection. We wanted to launch a special workbox for all the different volunteer things you do. This could be anything from helping out at your church, hosting the local book club meetings, or participating in a volunteer organization.

The Volunteer Workbox will work if you have a support role in a Volunteer organization or you are the leader. :)

Exploring the Lattice Binder

We have added a new Lattice Binder to our office supplies. This deluxe 2" D-ring, one-touch heavy duty binder with an extended back will protect your slash pockets and help you containerize projects.

The Lattice Binder is a white on white basket weave that’s similar to the Sunday Baskets with an Organize 365 logo on the back. Because it’s white, you can use it for anything you want.

The Kid Clips

Next up…we’re bringing back the Kids Clips! (Hooray!)

If you’ve been around for a while, you may remember I used to sell little Kid Clips that were basically super strong magnets for your refrigerator. I called them the ONE Clip back then because you just needed one for each of your kids.

This time around, the Kid Clips are CUSTOMIZABLE. Grab your sharpies and color each clip to match your child's personality.

The Kids Program

Okay and now for the big reveal… the one you’ve all been waiting for – The Kids Program!

This program is designed to help organize kids of all ages 0-23. The current program supports kids 0-17 and the LAUNCH program will be added next year (at no additional cost) supporting kids 18-23.

What You Can Expect From The Kids Program

When you buy the Kids Program, you’ll get access to the dashboard. This is where you’ll find all the cute slash pockets and when you click on them, you’ll be taken to a new course, video, or download.

You’ll find five slash pockets inside the Kids Program. Each one is independent of the others, so you don’t have to do anything in order if you don’t want to. These slash pockets are organized into the following categories: Parents, Littles, Learn, Saturday, and Sunday.

Here’s a little more information about each of the slash pockets:

Parents – This one is for all the parents out there who need help getting their kids organized. I help you assess your home and your life and reveal what exactly you need to do to teach your kids to declutter and organize. Each lesson comes with a video and additional resources to help you along the way.

Littles – This part of the program is aimed at kids from birth through to age five. Trying to organize your home with kids under the age of five is like shoveling snow in a snowstorm. Almost impossible. But with this program, I help you with everything from organizing feeding zones, playing zones, sleeping zones, moving from one size clothing to the next, and so much more.

Learn – If you have older kids who happen to be organizationally inclined, you’re in luck. The Learn Program is where most of the videos are and it seriously takes you through everything, such as cleaning a bedroom and making it more like a mini apartment that’s divided into zones. With this program, I teach the skill of thinking like an organized person. And those skills will carry your kids into adulthood.

Saturday & Sunday – The slash pockets inside of the Saturday and Sunday slash pockets are all about creating habits and routines. Saturdays are the days when you clean and organize your bedroom. On Sundays, the slash pockets will walk you through how you’re going to plan your week using six simple steps.

You can read all about the Kids Program, watch a video showing you inside the program, and watch the replay of our Kids Program Masterclass here.

Snap a few pictures of your kid's cleaning their rooms and tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I can't wait to see! 

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