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127 – Organizing Boys – Collections

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127 - Organizing Boys - Collections

In the podcast, I talk about the different ways boys use their bedrooms and create collections. The key to an organized boy’s room is to buy specific organizers for each kind of collection they have.

Around the age of 7, a boy will have 3-5 collections/toys that he likes to play with. By the age of 12, most of the “toys” will be gone. Here are organizational solutions for the most common collections. {We will cover sports in a separate post/podcast.}


In general, a cube-type shelving system will work in a boy’s bedroom and grow with him through young adulthood.

When purchasing a cube system, make sure the cubes are 12 inches square or more. Here are some options from Amazon. {Note that these are my affiliate links.}

IKEA Kallax Bookshelves



Better Homes & Gardens Bookshelf




Lego Play Mat


Collectable Cards

Card Collection Sleeves

Link Trading Card Holder


Ultra Pro Magic/Pokemon/YuGiOh Cards Deck Boxes



Video Games

32 Game Capacity Carrying Wallet


Storage Bins for PS4 and Xbox Video Games


Nintendo DS Travel Storage Case

Nintendo DS Travel Storage Case

Junk Boxes

Save the box from your next pair of tennis shoes to use to store miscellaneous treasures. 🙂

Happy Organizing Boys!!


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