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263 – From Piles to Productivity with Virginia Dean

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
263 - From Piles to Productivity with Virginia Dean

In The Psychology of the Sunday Basket, I got to chat with Holly Knill about the psychology behind why the Sunday Basket works so well for every woman, in every family situation, in every home.

Today, I got to sit down with her daughter, Virginia Deane, to discuss how our Corporate Friday Workbox can do the same for anyone in corporate culture.

(Not sure if that’s you? Check out this handy flow chart.)

Virginia first met me when she came to Boot Camp, which is now the Grow Your Business Focus Day.

She didn’t come to Boot Camp because she was a professional organizer (she wasn’t). She didn’t come to Boot Camp because she had her own business (she didn’t).

She came for the camaraderie, the socializing, and the opportunity!

Virginia isn’t an entrepreneur, but she does know a lot about what it’s like to work for one.

What IS it like to work for an entrepreneur?

What is it like to work for an entrepreneur and scale a business quickly?

In Virginia’s words: exhausting and intense. Entrepreneurs have a lot of ideas and it’s like letting kittens out of the box and letting your employees chase them.

(I love this metaphor, by the way.)

Entrepreneurs are idea people. We’re trying to get the most ideas out there, and they don’t all have to come to fruition. But they all have to start with words spoken into the universe, and we’re great at doing that.

That’s where all of the Friday Workboxes started, in fact. What if…?

Friday Workboxes

I’ve talked about my Friday Workboxes before, but since I’d never worked in a corporate setting before, I wasn’t sure how they could be used in an office environment.

Enter Virginia.

Virginia had the idea that if someone working at a company could print out their emails and aggregate their paperwork, they could easily show how much work they do and substantiate how busy they felt at their jobs.

They could visually prove their worth.

Once that was done, they could employ the exact same methods I use in the Sunday Basket, except done on a Friday afternoon in hopes that their weekend (and their Monday morning) could be free from work and the constant game of catch-up.

But what about Millennials, who have no paper?

According to Virginia (a Millennial herself), that’s a dirty little secret. Everyone has paper!

But there’s an immense pressure on Millenials. They grew up with email, they have Siri and Alexa, and they’re skilled at digitizing. Aren’t they organized?


Just because it’s in your Google calendar doesn’t mean it’s getting done.

Ideas are disorganized too. You may not have physical piles on your desk, but I bet you have piles of ideas and to-dos in your brain, especially at work.

The Corporate Workbox creates a home for all of those ideas, tasks, routines, projects, and anything else you need to keep straight to be good at what you do.piles-to-productivity-photo-1

But how?

If that sounds like something you need at your job, be sure to watch the replay of the Masterclass From Piles to Productivity. You will get more information, get your questions about Workboxes answered, and hang out with me (virtually), of course. But you’ll also want to watch it because it’s FREE, and Virginia helped develop the curriculum!

I’ll be teaching you the whole system, including how to do a workbox that works for your particular job at your company. In this age of constant busyness and frequent career changes, it’s easy to forget your priorities if there isn’t something concrete reminding you what they are. The Corporate Workbox does just that.

Every Workbox comes with a Facebook group where I will see you twice a month and answer any of those lingering “where does this go?” questions, plus video training.

Organization is a skill, and it requires supplies. You have to have the supplies you need for the career you have, plus the training on how to use those tools properly. I’m here to provide both!

Can’t I just DIY this thing? I have a Sunday Basket.

Totally! But I bet you won’t want to.

You can try to do it on your own, but what you’ll end up spending in time will be more than the difference in money. That’s something I care about a lot, and I don’t want you wasting either.

Being organized has a direct result on your health and wellness, and it should in the corporate world, too. It helps with work/life balance, reduces stress, and increases employee morale.

I can’t wait to tell you more in February!

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