60 – Sunday Basket Planning Printables

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60 - Sunday Basket Planning Printables

After writing out my Sunday Basket weekly checklist every single week for years, I finally decided to put it all into one document and share it with you to make your Sunday planning time easier.

At the end of this post, you’ll be able to download these planning printables for free. 🙂

Having all of your to-do’s in one place makes it so much easier to check things off your list.Sunday-Basket-Planning-Time

After I go through all of my to-do lists and check off as many items as I can, I move on to planning my week.

The Sunday Basket Weekly Planning Sheet tear pad

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to accomplish more than three work and three home tasks in one day.

Knowing these limitations in advance, I select the most important tasks that must get done each day for the week.

Even though I love to use an online Google calendar, I need to see my week printed out in front of me in time blocks.

The pink shaded times of 7 AM, noon, and 5 PM remind me when I should eat and drink some more water. 🙂

sunday basket planning


Check out this podcast for much more detailed information about how I use these free planning printables to help keep me on track and productive throughout the week. 🙂

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