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269 – “Time, Money, Motivation:” The Trifecta Necessary for Change

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
269 - “Time, Money, Motivation:” The Trifecta Necessary for Change

The Trifecta Necessary for Change usually comes into our lives through statements like these:

I don’t have enough money to …

If I have more time I would …

I’m just not motivated.

These are the top 3 things holding you back from the change you crave and I finally figured out how they are RELATED!

Did you know what the most common New Year’s Resolutions are?

  1. To get fit/lose weight
  2. Pay off debt/get money in order
  3. Get organized

Did you also know that when you start on one of these goals, the others fall in line, too?

It takes time, but it will happen. I promise. And by time I mean … years.

I was an EXTREMELY productive child, working 40 hours a week babysitting because I could easily sell the moms I worked for into hiring me for more time if I told them I was available. (Suckers!) 😉

Time, Money and Motivation all go hand-in-hand.


Organization always gives you more TIME. ALWAYS.

If you decide to be a minimalist, you are, hands down, going to have more time.

Part of organization is decluttering. But decluttering involves more that just your physical objects.

You will declutter items from your calendar, out of your email inbox, organize your paper, and occasionally declutter past relationships that are no longer mutually beneficial.

Personally, I started my journey in the “getting organized” category. It took me about 18 months.

Organizing is proactively choosing how you are going to use your time.

If you are a reactionary, others choose how you spend your time.

Productivity is the outpouring of living an organized life.


Your money is your resource.

Money comes from constraining yourself so that you can budget yourself and get out of that resource what you want.

No one has unlimited money. NO ONE. Money is a constraint that makes you CHOOSE what you invest in.

My money journey has been life long and it was not until about 2 years ago that Greg and I finally got consumer debt free.

And then we slipped. We are still working on this area together.


Your energy and your motivation come from your health and wellness.

With a great set of genes and not too much vanity, I haven’t minded a “few” extra pounds and unhealthy food choices.

Recently, I have started prioritizing my future health by being more responsible now. I could never have the time and money to focus on this in the past.

Listen in as I deep dive into my 7 year journey of health and wellness, from fast food and fountain cokes to salads and zone bars. I haven’t “arrived,” but I HAVE improved.

Habits change slowly, consistently, over time as you will see from my health and wellness story.

Listen to the podcast to hear the 3 steps I took in each area to make improvements.

It has been a 7 year journey from drowning in reactionary mode to the thriving productive woman you see today.

And I wouldn’t change any of it!

Organize 365 is here to support you on your organizational journey through the trifecta necessary for change. What is your number one priority in the new year? I’d love to hear it.

I’m cheering for you!

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