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195 – From Depression To Professional Organizer In 100 Days

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
195 - From Depression To Professional Organizer In 100 Days

On the podcast this week, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Wendy Zanders.

Wendy is a successful professional organizer and her story fascinates me. She has done things in almost the exact opposite order to how I’d normally recommend, but it has worked well and I couldn’t be happier for her. Her story just goes to show that there are many different routes to success and we must all follow the path that feels right for us.

Wendy discovered me when she was suffering from depression

Wendy found me and the Organize 365 blog and podcast during the most depressing time of her life. Her family had suffered the loss of a dear family member and she was struggling. She connected with me when she heard me share my depression story, as her experiences felt so similar to mine.From-Depression-To-Professional-Organizer-In-100-Days-Photo-1

Wendy shares on the podcast how she joined my Jumpstart Professional Organizer Program (a one-time offering this past summer). The program was for people wanting to start a professional organizer business. She then joined my Sunday Basket™ Workshop Licensing Program, and later she joined my 100-Day Home Organization Program. This is pretty much the exact opposite order that you would expect!

A little more about Wendy

Wendy is 35, lives in Frederick, Maryland, and she has a husband, a 4-year-old daughter, a 10-year-old son, and a new business. She is in between the accumulation and survival phases of life! Her life is pretty busy, with non-stop family commitments, business commitments, church commitments, etc. Wendy and her husband both work full time, and they very much divide and conquer when it comes to running the family and household.

Earlier this year, Wendy decided that she wanted to get a part-time job on the weekend to help build up the family emergency fund. She was advised to find something she loves to do and then do it as a business. Like me, Wendy LOVES being organized and helping others get organized. Becoming a professional organizer seemed like the perfect choice!

Wendy and I first spoke in May of this year. After asking me plenty of great questions, she decided to join my Jumpstart Professional Organizer Program. Thankfully, her husband was behind her 100%, something that is always a huge help for the women who take my program.

Wendy is also a member of my Professional Organizers Think Tank Facebook Group. She explains on the podcast how being a member of the group took things to another level for her, being able to connect with other like-minded professional organizers on the same journey as her has been invaluable.

She works on her professional organization business on Friday nights and Saturdays. Wendy had a goal to earn back the program fee within 7 months and she did so within 3 months! She really is an inspiration.

Becoming a professional organizer despite having ADD

Wendy shares on the podcast that she has attention deficit disorder, something that you wouldn’t always associate with a professional organizer.

Wendy was not diagnosed with ADD until later in life. It was at the point at which her son was being tested for ADHD that she realized she had many of the symptoms herself.

Wendy becoming a successful professional organizer… with ADD… really does mean that if you have a passion to do something, then go out there and do it!From-Depression-To-Professional-Organizer-In-100-Days-Photo-2

Marketing can be the biggest challenge

One of Wendy’s key strengths is marketing her business. This is significant because a real problem that many professional organizers have with their business is how to market it.

They may be great at organizing but lack the skills when it comes to marketing themselves and their business.

Being a professional organizer means meeting and connecting with many people. Therefore, marketing efforts that lead to the most results are often those conducted in person. For example, speaking engagements, hosting local workshops, and attending local events.

Wendy is a superstar when it comes to marketing her business and on the podcast she shares the many ways that she’s doing this.From-Depression-To-Professional-Organizer-In-100-Days-Photo-3

Where to find Wendy

Wendy lives in Frederick, Maryland. If you live near Wendy, then you may want to consider attending one of her Sunday Basket™ Workshops.

Become a Sunday Basket™ Workshop Licensed Provider

Would you like to become a Sunday Basket™ Workshop licensee like Wendy? Would you like to help people in your local area get their paperwork organized? This is the first step before joining my mentoring program for professional organizers.

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