496 – Women’s Work: Fair Play – Redistributing the Housework Cards with Eve Rodsky

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496 - Women's Work: Fair Play - Redistributing the Housework Cards with Eve Rodsky

I’m so excited to have Eve Rodsky on the podcast again!

Eve first joined me on the podcast back in episode #312 where she discussed her book Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live). I highly recommend going back and listening to that episode so you have a foundational understanding of the concept of Fair Play. Since she was here last time, she has released the Fair Play Documentary that I also think you should go watch.

In this episode, Eve and I discuss the invisible work being done at home and how society has tried to erase the gender division of labor in the home. So much focus has been on women and giving women tools to better balance work life and home life. Eve found it difficult through Fair Play to give solutions to families who said that both the man and the woman in the household were doing a task. Enter the mustard. How did the mustard get into your refrigerator? This is a great example that you have to hear Eve use to explain the difference between the execution of a task versus the cognitive labor related to a task. It’s eye-opening!

We then discuss some of Eve’s family background growing up with a single mom as well as my daughter Abby’s life as a single mom today. A large number of children each year are both to single moms. These single moms are unfortunately at a disadvantage because they are usually holding all of the cards for their families and therefore have fewer work and income opportunities available.

Eve also walks me through an exercise that I hope you will also do for yourself.

First, what is an activity outside of your roles that you love to do and share with the world? This goes beyond self-care or exercise or pleasure reading.

Second, what is something you love to do? What values does doing this thing bring up for you?

I of course talked about travel and learning, but Eve helped me see how understanding the values underneath these things will help you find activities that can bring up these values for you even when you’re unable to do the activities you really want to do.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Eve Rodsky as much as I did!

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