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This site is ALL about organizing your home and your paper.

As a professional organizer, I know how desperately you want to wave a magic wand and instantly have your home perfectly organized. I know that for myself, getting my home organized was a process. And I'm a professional organizer!

There is no way around it. This process will take time. But YOU CAN DO IT! And I will make it easier and more fun.

Thousands of women around the world listen to the Organize 365 weekly podcast. You are not alone.

So where in the world do we START?!

#1 Get a Sunday Basket

Over a decade ago, I was swimming in paperwork, babies, and sleep deprivation. I created the Sunday Basket as a way for me to gain some kind of organization around the mass of paperwork that I was sure would eat me alive.

The Sunday Basket is my system for helping you get a handle on all the DAILY and ACTIONABLE papers that are floating around in your kitchen, car, bedroom, dining room, mailbox, etc.

Everything you need to get started in the Sunday Basket.

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#3 Take the Productive Home Organization CEO Quiz

Find your WHY.

Determine how much TIME  you have.

Find where you are in the organizational cycle.


#4 Start Listening to the Podcast

The Organize 365 Podcast will be live every Friday at 8 am EST. You can listen to it on the blog, on iTunes, or on Stitcher.

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Then search for Organize 365. Click SUBSCRIBE! {Please} and then the new shows will be delivered right to your phone. Here is a post I wrote about how to listen to podcasts.

Listen to ALL the podcasts here. Or better yet, start with my favorites:

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You can read more about me here. Thanks for visiting. I hope you'll stick around and GET ORGANIZED with me!

:) Lisa