Join us for the Out with the Old Blitz!

We spend so much time planning for the holidays, and they are always gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. There is nothing better than spending time with loved ones, enjoying traditions, and eating tons of great food, but when it is over, we are often left with an overwhelming mess. 

For many families the last week of the year (December 26 to 31) is a perfect time to declutter your home. This time of year always has a strong decluttering energy, and I want to help you capitalize on getting the old stuff out and starting your new year strong!

That’s why on December 26-31st, Organize 365® invites you to join us for a free Decluttering Challenge called Out with the Old! We want to help you clear out all the “stuff” that’s holding you back so that you can ring in the New Year bringing only great memories and excitement for what’s to come.

During this free challenge, we will be focusing on a different area of your living space each day:

  • Monday, December 26: Kitchen & Playrooms
  • Tuesday, December 27: Bedrooms
  • Wednesday, December 28: Living Areas
  • Thursday, December 29: Entryway
  • Friday, December 30: Bathrooms
  • Saturday, December 31: Storage Areas

When you register, you will receive downloadable printables via email to help keep you motivated and on task.

You can also check in with the Organize 365® Community each day of the challenge. Monique will be sharing tips and encouragement for truly taking action in preparation for the new year.

If you are ready to make room for new memories, we invite you to register today!