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Productivity Specialist.
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Founder and CEO of Organize 365®.

As a recognized thought leader, Lisa Woodruff's work has been featured in many national publications and televised syndicates, in countless online summits, and on multiple podcasts. Lisa has helped thousands of individuals reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her practical tips, encouragement, and humor through her blog and podcast at She has authored several Amazon best-selling books and is a sought-after trainer and speaker.

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Expert Speaking Topics

Lisa Woodruff is an expert interviewee and has a true depth of experience to speak about these topics:

  • The Weight of Paper in the 21st Century American Home - Organize 365® Research shows that mental piles, kitchen counter piles, unorganized notes, unorganized reference papers and important papers cause stress, anxiety and overwhelm for as many as 70% of millennials
  • The Paper Solution® - How to tackle all that paperwork that clogs your kitchen counters and file cabinets
  • How ADHD Affects Home Organization - How to work with your brain instead of against it, recognize your unique strengths and weaknesses and find the strategies that work for you (because organization is a learnable skill for everybody and every mind!)

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