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Organize 365® Financial Binder

The Organize 365® Financial Binder was born out of my own experience settling my father’s estate. The loss of a loved one is devastating. The amount of invisible work that came along with settling an estate brought about a whole new level of stress. Yes, there are professionals there to help; but they don’t know what they don’t know…and neither do you.

The workbook inside The Financial Binder was created by people who have settled estates and it was reviewed by a CPA who specializes in settling estates. 

This binder is actionable for you throughout your life. The Financial Binder is important for tracking all elements of your financial and work history such as military IDs, stock certificates, life insurance polices, 401ks, IRAs, beneficiaries. It’s a curated, done-for-you solution for keeping all of this information up-to-date.

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539 - Organizing Your Household Finances: Files Related To Money
349 - The Paper Solution: Organize Past, Present & Future Monies

The Paper Solution®

The Paper Solution includes: 

  • The Medical Binder
  • The Financial Binder
  • The Household Operations Binder
  • The Household Reference Binder
  • Lifetime access to the course dashboard.
  • Virtual Paper Organizing Retreat on-demand.
  • Access to the community app and the Paper Solution community group.

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Organize 365® Financial Binder

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