596 – Household Projects: Step 1 – Declutter & Prep

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596 - Household Projects: Step 1 - Declutter & Prep

Alright, we’re at step one of the meaty project you have decided on. We’re talking prep. We need to wrap our minds around what we are doing, when we are doing it, and our budget. 


You may already have some stuff in mind that you have been wanting to get rid of but got held up not knowing what to do with it. I say give it away, donate to donation centers that will recycle or resale the items. Or trash it. Many companies will come out and pick up large items, or get a dumpster and fill it up to your heart’s content. And of course, you need to set time aside on your calendar to complete this decluttering. You must be intentional.


We talked about this in the last episode. Decide on your budget and get your supplies. I always say buy in advance what you think you will need. We are planning this project to be done in August so…save your receipts in the back of the slash pocket you used to plan this project. With supplies on hand, you can stay in that project energy. At the end, return the items you didn’t use. And prepare your family. Let them know your planned neglect tactics you will be practicing. And let them know your timeline and what to expect!

  • Teachers – Getting organized and ready for the most productive fall
      • Declutter: Your classroom and Teacher Workbox before you leave for summer.
      • Prep: Your calendar and block off Teacher Camp and try to join us live; such great energy to be surrounded by.
  • Organizing Your Paper
      • Declutter: Decide when and how much you will go through at a time and designate where the keep pile will go.
      • Prep: Block off the Paper Retreat or seek out the local help of a professional paper organizer.
  • Organizing Your Health Journey
      • Declutter: Toss all expired items (also consider vitamins) or items that do not support your health journey, from your pantry and refrigerator. And declutter the kitchen – Revisit The Productive Home Solution® section for the Kitchen. 
      • Prep: Schedule time daily to track in an app or plan the day for success.
  • Personal Development/Personal Spaces
      • Declutter: Daily plan for 15-30 min to declutter personal spaces. AM? PM? When is best for you? 
      • Prep: Sign up for Embrace and try your hardest to join us live!
  • Getting Your Kids Organized
      • Declutter: Go through the Kids Program. Kids stuff sells so consider a garage sale within two weeks of hearing this podcast!!   
      • Prep: This is kind of declutter and prep together. But as you get through the Kids Program, you can buy clothes once the closet is decluttered, buy paint once another section has been watched and implemented. You get the idea. You could put together a fun calendar for your kids to follow along with the plan. 
  • Organizing Your Family & Communal Spaces
      • Declutter: Let your family know your plan and what to expect. This may be the project to call in Junk King. They’ll come into your home and remove any items for you that you have delayed tossing for this reason – you needed muscles LOL 
      • Prep: Decide what is no longer serving you and your home. Plan the time on your calendar when you will complete this task. 

I know, we didn’t even start! LOL!!  Next week we will begin all the fun now that we are decluttered and prepped!!


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