355 – Is COVID a Golden Window?

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355 - Is COVID a Golden Window?

These weeks between October 1st and Thanksgiving are typically the most productive weeks of the year. You will get to see your productivity skyrocket and your 2020 goals come to fruition. Once the holidays come, you will turn your focus to social events and making memories, so I want to talk with you about how COVID may be a Golden Window for you.

Some of you have been barely surviving this pandemic. And, that’s perfectly reasonable. I am not asking you to do more, but I want to share some short, actionable podcasts that can help you cultivate a mindset so you are prepared for when you can deep dive into organization and productivity.

A Golden Window is a time in your life when you have an unusual period of energy, drive, and focus to take back your life and get organized. Are you in a period of your life where you are reevaluating your life? Have you stopped to think about how you use your time, where you live, your job situation, or your home? Everything has changed – for all of us. For a Golden Window, you are ready for the change. If you are merely reacting and surviving, you may not have the extra time, energy, and motivation that a Golden Window brings.

If you are not in a Golden Window, do not worry. Keep going and give yourself grace. Your turn will come. If you are in a Golden Window (See podcast episode 242 Learning the Skill of Organizing), I want to help you analyze and plan for this opportunity.

If you are entering a Golden Window, I want to help you end 2020 strong and start thinking about how you can use this opportunity to look ahead 5-10 years and begin making the changes towards that future. Listen in as I help you figure out what you want to start and how to take the first step.

Is COVID a Golden Window?
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