463 Learning the Skill of Organizing: Step 3 Increase Productivity

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463 Learning the Skill of Organizing: Step 3 Increase Productivity

The term “getting organized” means different things to different people. Over the last ten years of teaching people the skills of finally getting their home and paper organized, I have distilled “getting organized” into 3 distinct stages.

Step 1 – Decluttering

Step 2 – Organizing

Step 3 – Increasing Productivity

Each step has its own goals and strategies for success. In this series, I will be describing each step from beginning to end and giving you actionable strategies to “get organized.”

These steps are progressive and need to be done in order in each area you want to tackle in your home and your life.

3 Stages of Organization


 Step 3: Increase Productivity

What do you think of when you think of productivity?

Remember last week when I said that when I am organized, I feel like I can make forward progress on my goals and projects?

For me, productivity means doing MORE, usually in LESS time or with less resistance.

If you break down the 3 steps to getting organized:

  • Decluttering = Removing.
  • Organizing = Rearranging.
  • Increasing Productivity = Moving forward faster.

Let’s look specifically at Increasing Productivity. Productivity comes from thinking and planning. Every minute you spend planning SAVES 4-5 minutes in executing your plan.

Planning = TIME SAVED.

While it may be hard to find time to plan your day, your meals, or your vacation, you KNOW that when you do… everything goes easier and faster.

Planning is the ONE THING that will make everything else easier or not even need to be done at all.

I used to think that productivity only applied to intellectual or work activities. But upon further reflection, I can see that you can increase productivity in EVERY area. In the podcast, I will be sharing what it looks like to increase productivity in the following areas: your primary closet, your kitchen, your schedule, and your daily actionable papers.

Once again, I have one caution… to be most effective, you need to have decluttered and organized the area you want to increase productivity. These steps do need to be done in order.

5 Steps to Increased Productivity

  1. Use the organized system.
  2. Plan.
  3. Refine and reorder.
  4. Evaluate/maintain.
  5. Execute.

Now that you have seen all 3 steps in the getting organized system, you can see how they work together and how each one has a different set of skills needed to be successful.

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