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343 – Decluttering for Fall Productivity

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
343 - Decluttering for Fall Productivity

Decluttering is getting rid of what you don’t need, so you have less. Then, when you have less, you can bring like items together and store them in a more organized fashion.

Typically, when decluttering, we go through our homes room by room and section by section. I want you think about the ways you are actually using the spaces in your home. When our initial safe at home orders happened back in March 2020, we ended up making do on the fly. As we try to plan for the fall, I want you to be more thoughtful about your home. Who is staying there and are those the people you want there? If you have young adults in your family – will they make the same living choices if the quarantine needs to resume? Is there anyone you would like to add to your space? How are you using the different rooms and spaces in your home?

In the podcast, I also walk you through a review of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how that applies to your situation during this global health crisis. When the COVID-19 crisis first started, we were all at the bottom of the pyramid just figuring out how to be safe and meet our most basic physical needs. We will be riding a chutes and ladders of the level of need we are addressing for a while yet. So much of our lives is based on routines and habits, and many of those have been disrupted for most of 2020. Generally, to become more productive, I recommend you build better habits. This has been a very difficult challenge in the last few months.

We are processing a massive amount of change every single day. It is also impossible to make an effective plan for even the near future in our current world. It is very hard to live with the constant unknown we are facing right now.

I am recommending that you spend some time this summer focusing on ruthless decluttering. I want you to embrace your current phase of life, and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Ruthless decluttering is a physical activity that makes you feel great. You will create physical, energetic, and emotional space in your home. Get the stuff out! Focus on the life you are actually living right now. If you haven’t used something you had been saving “just in case” during the pandemic and all the supply chain shortages – let them go! The things you have been keeping “just in case” but are not using is needed by someone else. Release your extras and bless some other person or family with the STUFF you have just been keeping in storage.

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